Dead Dawg Saloon. Achievement bugged

Saitamfed Member Posts: 1,618

Platform: Steam

Issue: When you complete the achievement requirements (Fix the special generator and escape) the achievement doesn't unlock

I did it twice and still didn't win the achievement.

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This issue has been fixed in update 3.6.1.


  • Falkner09
    Falkner09 Member Posts: 373

    this happens a lot with trophies in this game. never had any other game with this issue, and I've been playing Since games first got trophies on the PS3.

  • Milo
    Milo Member Posts: 7,383

    It seems that most of the time a map related one gets released it's bugged.

    If i recall correctly The Hawkings also was bugged?

  • taimea
    taimea Member Posts: 84

    yep its bugged, This game has had a lot of bugged ones they just fixed mad house i herd only to add a new one (this). I Remeber that one that you had to save soneone before going out the exit gate was bugged back when i first played. hope they fix it before the new map becomes less pick from rng.

  • Dwight_Fairfield
    Dwight_Fairfield Member Posts: 6,474

    Yeah I'm on PS4 and I never got it even after I repaired the Saloon gen by myself and escaped.

  • inferjus
    inferjus Member Posts: 479

    I confirm it's bugged. Came here for the same reason.

  • Slay___
    Slay___ Member, Alpha Surveyor Posts: 898
    edited March 2020

    Same issue for me, completed the saloon generator as my first generator on that map using a worn-out toolbox with scraps and instructions add-ons. Another survivor joined me after around 5 seconds of me starting fixing it.

    Steam platform.

    EDIT: Tried again without toolbox, same issue. On this game I started with saloon, then after that finished off sheriff building and hanging station. Then escaped alive via exit gate.

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  • ComelyStar
    ComelyStar Member Posts: 187
    edited March 2020

    Gave a thumbs up as same problem. How this issue still exists, despite knowing that this has been a reoccurring problem after almost every previous chapter release for the past 4 years, is beyond me. 🤷‍♀️

  • det0xxp
    det0xxp Member Posts: 121

    I've never had a problem with any other new map except this one. I always got my gen trophy first day of new dlc. Typical Behaviour not testing their #########.

  • TheSentinel
    TheSentinel Member Posts: 14

    every time a new map comes out its bugged. Im disappointed by this fact.

  • Mox
    Mox Member Posts: 16

    Yes,this achievment bugged..

  • HPhoenix
    HPhoenix Member Posts: 462
    edited March 2020

    I am pretty sure that I fixed the generator on the Saloon more than once. The PC Saloon achievement is also bugged.

  • Alexandra
    Alexandra Member Posts: 82

    Yes i did the gen there like 5x and escaped and still no trophy on ps4.

  • Superpablog
    Superpablog Member, Alpha Surveyor Posts: 66

    Hawkings is not bugued, just you probably fix another gen, the special gen is NOT the gen in the portal, is the gen upstairs, the one who is alone in a room, check the map page in the gamepedia to see a picture of the gen (I discovered there).

  • Milo
    Milo Member Posts: 7,383

    ... I meant was. No is. Y'know when it was released.

    Although it could've been Plague's map...

  • DarkBarbarian
    DarkBarbarian Member Posts: 85

    Hawkins was fine iirc. I remember having issues with the gen achievement on the plague map, yeah.

  • britneyde
    britneyde Member Posts: 2

    its bugged on PS4 too.. tried a lot of times today and the trophy didnt popped

  • Ogzhn55
    Ogzhn55 Member Posts: 55

    Yes same problem here too.I did as a solo with my swf,with normall other survivors more than 15 times but i didnt got the achievement yet.Maybe devs give us free unclock that achievement because we did that several times :) its joke btw but only that achievement left i want to finish it,hope they can fix it and in next chapter hope they can test it if its working or not then they can give us the new DLC.

    ACEvHEARTS Member Posts: 403

    Also bugged on Xbox.

  • Bigyo369
    Bigyo369 Member Posts: 78

    Yeah, did it twice already on PC, and didn't get it... I don't think the extra week for the patch was worth it...

  • Sirena
    Sirena Member Posts: 3

    I also completed this acheivement and it did not give it to me.

  • SavageSponge
    SavageSponge Member Posts: 1

    It’s bugged on 3 platforms! Each have 0.00% completed.

  • VoidV
    VoidV Member Posts: 6

    It’s definitely bugged!

  • VoidV
    VoidV Member Posts: 6

    If a dev is checking this, please make it Auto Unlock on the next patch.

  • PsychoGiirl
    PsychoGiirl Member Posts: 3

    Happened to me 2 times as well..

    Escaped both times after done the gen in the saloon... fix it please devs >_<

  • VoidV
    VoidV Member Posts: 6

    As of Sunday, no update...😢

  • Makizmo
    Makizmo Member Posts: 30

    I've done it 3 times now on PC and still no achievement for me, although people on friends list have managed to pop it.

  • VoidV
    VoidV Member Posts: 6

    Did they repair the one on the balcony?

  • Makizmo
    Makizmo Member Posts: 30

    It's the one upstairs on the balcony of the saloon right? with the self-playing piano.

  • jab
    jab Member Posts: 3

    This is still a bug... I can´t get it, anyone got it?

  • Bigyo369
    Bigyo369 Member Posts: 78

    is it working now?

  • Slay___
    Slay___ Member, Alpha Surveyor Posts: 898