The Doctor have an addon that give the wrong description


When I play dead by daylight in french and I go over the scrapped tape addon to read it’s description, it has the same description than the Iridescent Queen. Even tho it has the same ability than usual. Which is misleading.

Step to reproduce the bug:

1: Launch dead by daylight in French

2: Choose The Doctor and check “Cassette Abimée” (Scrapped tapes in French)

3: Compare it to the “Reine Iridescente” (Iridescent Queen in French)

4: Notice it’s the same description.

On which platform is the bug happening?: I’ve only tried it on Xbox One, I do not know if the other platform suffer from the same glitch.

Note: I’ve restarted my console and the game several times and the description hasn’t gone back to normal.

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