Deathslinger Basement Hook Bug

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I was playing a game on PC as Kate Denson, and Deathslinger hooked me in the basement. From the moment I was hooked, I was basically spectating the killer in third person. The player icon at the bottom of the screen said I was downed, not hooked, and shortly after Deathslinger went upstairs it showed my avatar floating in the air gathering crows. I could not input any actions and Deathslinger could not hit me in any way. I waited until endgame collapse ran out, but the entity sacrifice animation did not happen, so I disconnected from the match. I imagine the killer also needed to disconnect, because the third person mode was still in use instead of the end of match screen.

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    Same here.

    PS4. Rotten fields. Solo survivor Min. Bug started after repairing a gen coop. I became stuck in the crouched position after repairing a generator, coop. I could heal someone which released my crouched position. Once downed in the basement, the hooking animation stopped at the crouching part where survivors scream. I then became stuck in the killer shack upstairs instead of on hook, floating in place. No controls actively usuable. I was seeing the game from third person perspective following only killer. He could not interact with me even though he tried. He DC'd. Screenshot and clips attached in lieu of steps to reproduce.