3 Survivors DC before points are collected during a win scenario, causes Killer pts discrimination!

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This video demonstrates how a killer loses earned points due to survivors disconnecting when they know they have lost. 3 survivors disconnected during this match, but the first survivor to disconnect did so in the first few seconds of the match, so we won't count the loss of points from that survivor at this time.

The last 3 survivors are put into the dying state during the same time frame. Two survivors rage quit and disconnect while in the dying state, which robs the killer of gaining many points for the sacrifice category.

Using this video to count up points, here is some basic information:

A. First let me address the disconnects after they were all in the dying state. The survivors knew they could not win, and decided to disconnect to retain their items.

  1. The survivors should lose their items on disconnect, just like the killer would. (This would stop many player disconnects.) They played the entire match, and quit prior to point distribution for the Killer's work and effort. If they had disconnected within the first few seconds of the match, perhaps there could have been something wrong with their game. But disconnecting rage quits in this manner were not due to poor program performance.
  2. The killer lost many points in the "sacrifice category" due to the survivors disconnecting in the dying state, and not allowing the killer to 1. pick them up. 2. hook them. 3. go through three stages of hook states. 4. I am sure there are more pts missed.

B. The bronze emblem for chasing was rather low for having killed all the 'remaining' survivors, with not losing any chase.

C. The emblem bonus is hard to understand, since I earned 18 pts, due to one emblem being bronze. I kind of assume: 5 pts for iridescent; 4 pts for gold; 3 pts for silver; 2 pts for bronze; 1pts for none. But there is no information to reflect the actual emblem bonus awarded to XP.

D. Killer can NOT kick in the generators! idk y the killer can not kick in a generator while using Hex: Ruin. Killer would generally cause a larger immediate regression when kicking a generator. Sure Hex Ruin slowly regresses a generator, but it is now different than Hex Ruin used to be. This needs to be fixed.

  1. As a different killer, I attempted to kick in a generator which was nearly completed near the start of the game, but I could not, simply because Hex Ruin was running.
  2. Hex Ruin was changed recently. Does this new change intentionally prevent killers from initially regressing a generator? Not allowing a killer to regress a generator seems counter productive to other killer perks involving generators.
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