Xbox Achievements not working

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All Xbox live achievements are not allowing progress towards the achievement or giving the achievement when the task is completed. There are multiple posts about specific achievements so far, but it has been all achievements for me.

I played as huntress and threw a ton of hatchets, maybe 60+ just standing at a locker and throwing at survivors on gens. No progress towards Swirling Death.

As Spirit, I downed a bunch of people in post phase and no progress towards Conniption. In the same games I hooked a few survivors while everyone was inured and no progress towards Broken Bodies. Also, no progress was awarded towards A Feast for the Entity for completed hook sacrifices

As survivor, using Deliverance to self unhook and no progress awarded toward Not Today.

During chases, vaulting windows isn't awarding progress towards Whiffing to Success or Leapfrog.

Taking protection hits while killer is carrying a survivor isn't awarding progress towards Bodyguard.

Completed the generator in the residence on Yamoaka and escaped and that achievement was not awarded either.

A friend was not awarded Adept Pig following a 4 iridescent merciless game as Pig.

Mad House for Doctor has been bugged for some time, so that isn't a new one. Although I heard this was recently fixed, but since all appear broken, I imagine this is still failing too.

So, I would think all the achievement reports can he combined into one at this time

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  • ACForino
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    Second all of the above.

    I’ve had multiple achievements that never populated for single-tasks (Adept Pig, Escaping as a survivor, etc). I have also had multiple games where a achievements never progressed for multiple-task challenges (hatchet throws with Huntress, protective hits as a survivor, unhooking self as a survivor, etc.).

    Is there a fix in the works?

  • OverBurden
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    im not sure about all achievements but I have seen any to do with deathslinger have not been working for me including adept

  • Seeniclives
    Seeniclives Member Posts: 8

    I made progress on achievements just fine until yesterday. Since then? Nothing. So it's something recent. Scrolling the bug reports there are a bunch of others listing achievements that aren't working. Since I had so many fail, I figured it was all achievements.

  • frostymatador13
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    To build off the earlier posts. I also have not gained progress in a bunch mentioned, as well as Selfless Survival, Not Today, Silent Approach, Bodyguard, and Wounded Healer (which I believe I should be done with now)

  • Seeniclives
    Seeniclives Member Posts: 8

    Mine started working again yesterday. So far so good.