When playing a match the graphics downgrade to low by themselves and I can't change them back.

This has started happening today. Only public matches because I don't play private. I played as killer as the plague when the match was starting the game looked awful because it somehow changed the resolution to low. I play on high and never touch the settings. I checked the menu and saw that the resoluton was still displayed as high.

I tried changing it to low and then back to high again, and even up to ultra, but it still showed the gritty low resolution look. It stayed like that for the whole match.

When the match ended even the lobby was in low resolution. At this point I closed and reopened the game and it fixed itself, it was back up to high. Then I readied up and got into a game and when it started the quality went back down again. I don't know what to do. This game is unplayable on low.

I play on PC. Like I said this has never happened before.

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Could you give us your system specs and your log file when the issue occurs? Logs can be obtained by following these steps: https://forum.deadbydaylight.com/kb/articles/146-finding-your-log-file