Agitated Advantage archive challenge bugged

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Hook 5 survivors in the basement while using the perk Agitation, all in the same trial, and challenge doesnt register as complete.


Hooked a survivor in the basement, let them escape, downed them again and hooked them in the basement again, then down and hook the remaining 3 survivors in the basement for a total of 5 basement hooks, while using the perk Agitation II, the second rank of the perk. Challenge didnt get marked as complete. This was on an autohaven map, the one with the petrol station shop.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Pick trapper, equip no add-ons or offerings, equip the perks Agitation II, BBQ II, Whispers I, Nurses II, be on the autohaven map with the petrol station/shop, with the Agitated Advantage archive challenge active, and a daily ritual of catch 3 survivors in bear traps.
  2. Lay bear traps around the shack area where the basement has spawned.
  3. Catch a survivor in a bear trap and M1 them, and then hook them in the basement on the closest hook. Let them get unhooked and out of the shack door, then down them again and put them back on the closest hook.
  4. Down someone else and put them on the left hook.
  5. Grab the rescuer as they try to unhook, put them on the back hook.
  6. The last survivor steps in a beartrap on the stairs, gets hit by M1, picked up, and put on the closest hook as the first survivor had been recently sacrificed by this point.

Thats 5 hooked survivors in a single trial, and the challenge didnt get marked as complete. (The daily ritual of catch 3 survivors in bear traps was marked as complete though.) Nobody disconnected.

Occurs on:


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  • Stridor
    Stridor Member Posts: 28

    I'm running into this bug now if you ever found a solution

  • szakkall
    szakkall Member Posts: 1

    Use only perk Agitation no items or another perks then it works. I just kiled 4 in basment as traper and get quest done.

  • BlackBeard
    BlackBeard Member Posts: 3

    Same problem here, hooks do not register, even if I kill everyone in the basement (12 hooks)

  • rex_dbd
    rex_dbd Member Posts: 4
    edited January 2021

    Same problem, but mine is the Tome 1 Level 2 challenge where I just need to hook 2 survivors in the basement. I got three survivors in there all at one time with trapper using agitation, iron grasp, spies from the shadows, and bbq and chili. I had tar bottle and yellow trapper bag.

  • rex_dbd
    rex_dbd Member Posts: 4

    I did not have luck using no items and no other perks than agitation. I did not have two simultaneous survivors hooked in basement, but two or more unique survivors had been hooked in the basement during the game.

  • wxnickxw
    wxnickxw Member Posts: 742

    Nothing in basement works doesn't matter which map perks or amount of hooks don't waste your time it's all been tried not going to be possible till devs do something about it. I've asked a few times how long to expect that to take but community hasn't answered. Anyone know how long it usually takes them to fix something? Or if they bother at all?

  • Mavros_Aguila
    Mavros_Aguila Member Posts: 3

    I can confirm that completing this challenge on Dead Dawn Saloon map will grant the completion of "Agitated Advantage".

    I have read that it will also work on Midwitch but cant confirm yet.

  • shauny
    shauny Member Posts: 25

    This is bugged for me too, so frustrating and a waste of time.

  • Tubby_Squirrel
    Tubby_Squirrel Member Posts: 244


    at first I hooked 2 survivors seprately (Killer shack basment Oni's map) and then I thought 'Ok, it must have to be at the same time.'

    So I had 2 in the basement at the same time another game and still nothing. (Main building basement Redwoods) Please fix, I'm actually super interested to know how Evan became The Trapper! Sure I could jut look it up but I wanna earn the story.

  • Felixswag04
    Felixswag04 Member Posts: 1

    Been trying this challenge for a couple games now, equipped no add ons or extra perks and it still doesn't work!

  • rex_dbd
    rex_dbd Member Posts: 4

    The challenge procced for me on Cannibal, and I used other perks with agitation. Maybe it's just a trapper bug?

  • crazyj2086
    crazyj2086 Member Posts: 1

    This is happening to me even on ps5. I was so excited to get 3 outta 4 survivors hooked there and it still didn't pop.

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