Getting stuck on matchmaking loading screen


I am not aware of whether or not this has been solved before, but I have been consistently having this issue and would love a solution.

Platform: PC

Issue: Matchmaking - After readying up for matchmaking, I will go into the loading screen before being placed with survivors (or against as killer). This loading screen will last for around 3 minutes, until it eventually kicks me back to the matchmaking screen.

Steps to reproduce: Just try to find a match

How often does this occur: When I am matchmaking on my own, I would say every four matches. When I matchmake in survive with friends, it seems to happen slightly more often. The issue has also seen to occur in private matches.

I tried uninstalling and reinstalling the game. I believed that to work at first, as I played around 15 matches on my own without issue; however, the issue slowly started happening again back to how often as described above.

Please let me know any details needed to help remedy this issue.


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