[Bug]: bulbs not illuminated at gates - Version 3.7.0 PTB

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Platform: PC + Steam

Description of the issue: When the survivor open the controls of the gates, bulbs not illuminated at gates at this game. (Video 1)

Step by Step:

1)Survivors start the match

2)The killer is a my friend and he's a streaming

3)At the end of the match when the all generators are made, the bulbs aren't illuminated at this gates into this game (Video 1)

How often does this occur: Always 100%

Maps: Ironworks of Misery - The Macmillan Estate

Killer: The Legion

Version game: 3.7.0

OS: Window Home 10 (the last version)

Video card: RTX 2070 super


Video 1 => https://clips.twitch.tv/EvilSoftKumquatDerp

Video 2 => Entire Match with the problem of the bulb of the gates (https://www.twitch.tv/videos/586360908?t=02h15m26s

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