Player disconnected while I was about to Rancor them, BUT remained in chat afterwards! Hack?

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The obsession disconnected right before I Rancored them. I hit them into the dying state from healthy at the end gate after they opened it, and they quit. BUT they were still in chat after they had disconnected! Is this a hack? How do you disconnect from the match, while still having chat enabled to trash talk?

The player was able to talk, after they had disconnected?!

(Above) Feng is opening the gate.

My swing to put the Rancor Obsession into the dying state. (Above)

Feng in the dying state while I recover from my attack.

Now Feng disconnected. 1-2 seconds more and I could have gotten my Rancor mori for blood points, experience, and who cares about rank... but I may have even gotten enough for an extra pip.

Soooo.... my point is that they disconnected on purpose, which is obvious now after you've viewed these screenshots.

Posting this 'bug' has cost me 30 minutes of my time.

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  • HexBananaBread
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    it's not a bug

  • Kamikazi
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    If its an intentional design to be allowed to disconnect during match and still retain attendance in game, please tell me how. Also devs should make it more apparent how to do disconnect while remaining in game's chat and spectate abilities. And then of course... why did they implement a disconnect penalty if it is a good thing by designed implementation?