A Idea for the shop. Killer Chase Music!

IEF4 Member Posts: 3

Any luck being able to purchase different chase music in the shop? It would be cool if we could swap out chase music to match a specific killer. It also would be a new way to scare people. Would definitely make the chases even more exciting. And also, this would be a nice step in a direction for a more intimate customization. So, those who like to main a killer could establish themselves in a unique manner.

I would purchase killer chase music, should this idea come to fruition. Also, would give those Sound Dev's something to do and hone up their craft.


  • DaDevilsSkirt
    DaDevilsSkirt Member Posts: 68

    Like it :chuffed:

    I already have an idea for the clown - I waited so long for a clown-killer , and always imagined the distorted sound of a music box going with the chapter!

  • IEF4
    IEF4 Member Posts: 3

    I like that. Would be cool if each killer had a theme.

  • White_Owl
    White_Owl Member Posts: 3,785

    I would be really a nice addition.