Nurse's fully charged blink produces a micro blink (PC)


When a fully charged blink is released, the nurse will travel only a very short distance.

I don't know how to reproduce the bug. (I only play games with latency 40 or less in general, just fyi)

The vid is about 3 mins in the game (public) and has FPS shown. The blink bug happened only these two times in this match:

This bug will happen every now and then. Some games are unplayable because of it, in others it doesn't occur at all. The map doesn't matter for me, there is none where the bug didn't occur at least once.

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  • tedious_bug_reportin

    Update: I noticed a connection between fully charged micro blinks and survivors interacting in the game f.e. unhooking, vaulting windows, entering/exiting lockers. Many times the blink gets disrupted, there are also a lot of survivor interaction at the same time: It seems like if survivors "input-signals" are too many at the same time on the server, my blink doesn't get acknowledged in time by the server and is then "cancelled", resulting in a micro blink.

    Still, just a theory.