Error occurred while patching.

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a error keeps on occurring when trying to download the in-game data..


when you try downloading the patch after 5 minutes or so you get a message saying "Error Occurred while patching" and for some reason the amount of network the game receives is 0MB/s but it still downloads the game, and I've quite literally been trying to download the game for 20h+ in total over the past 2 weeks I hoped that maybe the game just wasn't available in my region and waiting for the full-release would do the trick but I'm still getting the same error over and over again and I also seem to be the only one who's experiencing this problem for some reason..


I open the game and press continue to download the in-game data

I get a message saying I have to download 2M MB worth of content and press "ok"

After 5-8 minutes of downloading a message just appears saying "a Error Occurred while patching a error occurred while downloading"


IPhone 6s IOS 12.4.1 (About 1 n' a half years old)

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