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Desync, Desync, Desync

DeathwingDuck Member Posts: 68

This needs priority since maps have now been addressed. It's still effecting a bunch of killers' powers (Myers has been plagued with problems since servers went live).

But lately it seems desync has been getting worse. I've had matches, even just today, where everything seems so delayed to register on servers that constantly show 40 ping to me. Just now I left a match because I somehow got blinded by an obvious firecracker drop, I saw the animation but the sound effect and blind were delayed by at least 2 seconds later than they typically happen. Survivor movement continues to be janky on both ends. Teleporting back to vaults after you vault them, stuttering movement, violent quick 90 degree turns. Scratchmarks also tend to be delayed to register a lot more than usual. Grabs are still screwy and don't register to the server even when you make the animation, just leaving you awkwardly staring at the back of a survivor's head (also been happening since servers went live).

It's not fun when I lose due to the game's ongoing major issues.

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