Xbox one matchmaking

LiamT900 Member Posts: 7

I am a player on Xbox one and the matchmaking is so broken. It takes near to 30 minutes to find a match most times we search. Even when we are all similar ranks, it still seems to happen.

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  • ByUmek
    ByUmek Member Posts: 1

    Yes, it is impossible to play as a survivor on xbox. But it is what there is with this developer, it takes a lot of years the game on the market and it is still broken, it is embarrassing. I bought the launch game on Ps4 and never regretted spending money on a game so much. Aora entered to prove it in game pass and it is even worse than in play. I suppose you couldn't ask for more because they are not good at doing their job, otherwise they would have fixed such serious problems long ago, bye.

  • kyros
    kyros Member Posts: 1

    im having the same problem :(