Few Bugs, Getting Annoying

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Platform: PS4

StR: N/A

Frequency: 1 out if 4 games

Description of issues: In order of severity

Firstly, the killer grab mechanic is still messed up, for the better part if 2 months now. The animation begins, survivor runs free. I’ve also had serious bugs where I DO grab the survivor, then mu character is glitched out auto-walking forward with no character control which leads to a game crash, depip.

Secondly, the amount of times the game crashes has exponentially increased over the last 2 days, the game shows it as me (killer) disconnecting, for yet another depip and ban window. No, it’s not intentional, I never quit games. No, it’s not an issue with neither my internet stabibility nor speed. Many of these are posted, none are resolved.

Thirdly, and very minorly, the bloodweb has 1 or 2 items that are ‘invisible’. You can see there’s an item there, but it’s clear and it cannot be purchased. This particular issue is fixed by restarting the game, but due to the many inconveniences as of now it warrants notification in my book.

Lastly, about once per hour, I receive a notification stating: Dead By Daylight license could not be verified, closing app in 15 minutes. Very minor issue, seems it actually never closes because my licensed download is just fine...but the notification popping up is annoying for a 1st person view killer whoms field of vision is already limited.

Perhaps some of these issues may be resolved? Thank you in advance.

P.S. Note: The Nurse blinks are still bugged, if there’s a lower level (I.E. basement, or 2-story building), the Nurse ALWAYS lands on the bottom floor regardless of the blink target destination.

As stated previously , these are listed by severity of the issue. Crashes are the worst, with all the free game disconnects, it must be divine intervention that keeps me at Rank 1, as there’s a de-pip crash 1 out of 4 games.

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