Didnt get 5k BP when someone else disconnected during load.

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There are several issues in this screen shot alone. The first issue is the one I would like to address for this specific bug post first.

  1. It seems as if the 4th survivor disconnected from their swf with survivors 1 and 2. The first two survivors received 5k blood points for surviving. The 3rd survivor (me) did not receive any blood points for surviving at all.
  2. The killer only received 625 blood points from a survivor disconnecting. This is biased that a swf DC does gain 10k pts total more than a killer. (9,375 more, but if it was a 4 man swf then it would be 14,375 more than the killer.) (swf = survive with friends)
  3. There is additional potential for abuse of this mechanic.
  4. The killer probably lost their Mori, since it was counted as a disconnect.

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    I've never, ever received bloodpoints on either side when someone dc'ed in the loading screen, so that's pretty interesting to me