Can survivors ddos attack you?


Just played as killer and this survivors kept teleporting, and everytime I hit them it wouldn't register and they kept tbagging and suddenly I got kicked out of the match with the warning that the server was unavailable

I checked and my internet was fine, this is the 4th match in a row and its not common for it to go down, soo I am really confused what happened this match, unfortunatly I wasn't recording but I am finding this really strange


  • cheetocultleader
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    Yes. The streamer Monto was DDOS'ed while streaming not long ago. Best thing to do is change your username and keep your profile private. If you're streaming, cover your username with something, and the people you're playing with.

  • Reborn2020
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    I believe only if you allowed anyone to connect to you through dbd app.

  • andyollolloll
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    If you are on PS4 then no you can't be DDOS'd as you only connect to a dedicated server in America.

    No other connections are made which is why everything is so laggy with hits and grabs.

    Without making a direct connection you are unable to know other players IP addresses making it impossible to know where to DDOS.

    Before dedicated servers gameplay passed directly to each client making it a faster method but also open to DDOS attacks