getting stuck after pallet stun

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in heavens wreckers I got stuck in a pallet while chasing a caludette with night shroud activated , when I got pallet stunned , I got stuck and could'nt move , I think I was backing up just before I got pallet stunned . anyway I had to break the pallet to unstick myself . the stun animation did not play I just got stuck and could'nt move until I broke the pallet .

this also happens in hawkins lab with deathslinger

in steam , my max pings is set to 3000 so I am not sure if that is the cause

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  • SlickityRickity
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    This also happened to me on heavens wreckers except I ended up getting stuck in the wall and could not get unstuck. Also just got stuck in the hook on Gideon Meat Packing Plant after hooking a survivor downstairs.

  • thk573
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    Happened to me as Legion on one of the Crotus maps. Breaking the pallet got me unstuck completely, but it's concerning this is happening. Hopefully it's an easy fix

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  • Yolteotl
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    Happen to me with the Hag, I was lucky someone activated a trap, allow me to TP and unstuck myself

  • Evildred30
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    Just happened to me on Lery’s. I had one of the survivors send me a screenshot