Stalking for Ghostface and Michael Myers is bugged.

Nokksteria Member Posts: 5

( PC ) For multiple games I've played Ghost-face and Myers and both times have I stared directly at a survivor and it didn't stalk them. But when I stalk across the map I was able to mark them. This makes no sense what so ever. And it happens pretty often. I already got a hack-usation from it. I think I heard a youtuber say it is only bugged for people who unlocked their FPS in the game files. Please fix this.

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  • OmegaXII
    OmegaXII Member Posts: 2,066

    Not only that, i can't tier up as myers if i stalk one survivor continuously from 0 to 100% stalk. The moment i release the stalk, it tiers up to t2.

    Also, my stalking progress regress the more i continuously stalk a survivor. Ex: stalk for 2 secs, 0.4 sec of stalking progress is regressed. It makes me extremely hard to 99% my power. Also, survivors stalk doesn't replenish even if i lose my progress

  • PrincipeHanan
    PrincipeHanan Member Posts: 2

    Same issue, since last week i couldnt saltk with myers or ghostface, unistalled the game to see if it worked but nothing.

  • ne4nt
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    Same issues, still doesn’t work for weeks now... maybe months !