Anyone else having troubles blinking in some multistory buildings after the patch?


I just came back from a few Nurse games. Temple of Purgation and Father's Campbell were a nightmare to blink inside and outside the main buildings, let alone up and down. I legit got stuck in place in most directions and blink charges.

Pale Rose, Rancid Abbatoir and Ironworks seemed fine.

I know there aren't that many Nurse players left, but I'd like to know if anyone else has encountered problems, because I might've to start burning map offerings.


  • Xzan
    Xzan Member Posts: 907

    I didn't encounter any of these (until now, need to play more rounds), but after blinking some attacks didn't connect when they should have. And no, it wasn't dead hard. I just hit the wall next to the surv, instead of the surv standing before me (she was cornered).

  • edgarpoop
    edgarpoop Member Posts: 8,068

    One thing I've started to do is pay close attention to the ping in lobby as Nurse. I'm not taking any game above green ping on her.

  • PrettyFaceKate
    PrettyFaceKate Member Posts: 1,776

    I don't know. I also got stuck in place inside Temple and couldn't walk away. I had to blink several times until I finally got unstuck. There's a spot outside along the temple wall that is also a dead zone and you can't blink along the wall.

    For wonky hits, I had a few where the survivor was directly in front, their back against me and the swing didn't connect.

  • Facture
    Facture Member Posts: 284

    I felt like I saw another post about this recently. I haven't had a chance to play her since the last update (before the hotfix) Hope they didn't give her more bugs.

  • Dzeikor
    Dzeikor Member Posts: 704

    nurse is so nerfed and bugged right now its sad what devs did to her..

  • FellowKillerMain
    FellowKillerMain Member Posts: 858

    The hotfix broke so many things for killers... like let's rewind this hotfix... >_>