Post your build for the killer(s) you main <3

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I figured that it’d be nice to see what build everyone uses on their killers and maybe even fun so I’ll start with mine.

Spirit: Save the best for last, Corrupt Intervention, Dying Light and No one escaped death.

Legion: Corrupt Intervention, No one escaped Death, whispers and Save the best for last.

Huntress: Nurse’s Calling, barbecue and chilli, pop goes the weasel and corrupt intervention.

What are y’all’s builds? <3



  • Aneurysm
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    It changes a bit

    Piggu - corrupt intervention, sloppy butcher, whispers, save the best for last

    Shocky boi - whispers, thrilling tremors, surge, save the best for last

    Stabby gang - discordance, ruin, I'm all ears, blood echo

    Vom queen - corrupt intervention, ruin, infectious fright, play with your food

  • Cabbage
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    Demogorgon: Make Your Choice, Save the Best For Last, Ruin, BBQ

    Huntress: Iron Maiden, Pop Goes the Weasel, Bitter Murmur, BBQ

    BBQ is just a staple in all my builds mostly for the 2x BP

  • Aven_Fallen
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    This could have been a nice thread...


    Pig - Monitor&Abuse, Whispers, BBQ/Brutal Strength, Enduring

    Billy - BBQ, Whispers, Enduring, PGTW/Infectious

    Trapper - Corrupt Intervention, Enduring, STBFL, PGTW

    Doctor - BBQ, PGTW, STBFL, Brutal Strength

    Those are the Killers I play quite regularly.

  • Frelok01
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    Nurse: Barbecue and chili, Shadowborn, Ruin, Nurse's calling

  • ddubuckyee_user
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    Doc : ruin , pgtw, discordance, sloppy butcher

    And calm + discipline

    Demo : pgtw, discordance, bbq, + etc(STBFL, Enduring, bamboozle, Corrupt Intervention, ruin)

  • Awakey
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    Spirit: The "if you don't find my DH you're going to be very dead" build AKA the Snowball build.

    Infectious Fright, Devour Hope, STBFL, and BBQ. It's dirty, but it works.

  • PrettyFaceKate
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    Oni: whispers, corrupt, bbq, discordance.

    Sometimes I swap corrupt for pop or ruin and discordance for enduring.

  • BattleCast
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    Legion: Blood Echo, Surge, BBQ, Thanatophobia/Stridor/M&A

    Blood Echo allows you to ignore exhaustion perks and end chases faster which is always a good thing for Legion. The hemorrhage effect doesn't really matter but there are niche scenarios where it can actually help. It also punishes the injured and injuring people is Legion's strong suit.

    Surge is an AMAZING perk and even better on a Killer like Legion. Legion only gets downs with M1's so the drawback of needing a basic attack is nonexistent for him. Surge allows the Legion to regress gens without needing to spend the time traveling to them and kicking them. Basically, it allows you to stay in the fight with zero down time, and keep up the pressure. Surge is honestly sooooo underrated.

    BBQ is self-explanatory. It's an amazing tracking perk that encourages and rewards leaving the hook. Also, who doesn't want more bps?

    Thanatophobia is my choice for game slowdown as Legion. You could also run Ruin, but it's really risky and I like the consistency of Thanatophobia. I have also been recently trying out other things instead of Thana and I have found Stridor and M&A to also be good choices.

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  • Player35
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    Hag: Hex:the third seal,overcharge, nurse's calling and dark devotion.

    It changes around a bit, for example sometimes I use haunted ground instead of the third seal.

  • Rin_is_my_waifu
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    Spirit: BBQ, PGTW, Stridor, Nurses Calling

    Billy: BBQ, Infectious Fright, PGTW, Shadowborn

    Doctor: BBQ, Corrupt Intervention, Distressing, Iron Maiden/PGTW

    Freddy: BBQ, Dying Light, PGTW, Thanatophobia

  • pizzamess11
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    All my builds have whispers and BBQ cant live without em.

    Billy- I'll run pop or corrupt, and usually shadowborn because zooming around on him with the way FOV is makes me feel bleh or gives me a headache.

    Demo- STBFL is kind of a mandatory on him and then pop usually

    Michael- I really like running dark devotion on him or monitor and abuse, and then I'll also run infectious if I'm using monitor.

  • Musicalhex
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    For Bubba I go Dark Devotion or Pop, PWYF+Nemesis or SF+Enduring and BBQ.

  • Cheers
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    Hillbilly: BBQ & Chili, Whispers, Hex: Ruin and Enduring.

    Legion: Thanataphobia, Dying Light, Hex: Ruin and BBQ & Chili.

    Spirit: Hex: Devour Hope, Hex: Ruin, Hex: Haunted Grounds and Pop goes the Weasel.

  • Unicorn
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    I suck at Killer but when I do play my Anna I use Save The Best For Last (i think? its either that or Play With Your Food. Not sure), Sloppy Butcher, Bloodhound and Huntress Lullaby.

  • Thatbrownmonster
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    Sloppy butcher, Nurse calling,Coulrophobia,Blood echo

  • Demonl3y
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    Oinkers: Amanda Young 🐷



    Spirit Fury


    Fun Fact: I have gotten a 4K Rancor with this build because survivors don't expect it. 😋

  • RepliCant
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    Nurse - Corrupt, Pop, Sloppy, Make Your Choice with ONLY the Pocket Watch add-on or Matchbox. Sometimes I switch out MYC for Enduring if I'm using her Matchbox add-on (4.2ms with 1 blink)

    Hillbilly - Corrupt. BBQ, Infectious, Enduring. My basic billy build.

    Huntress - Corrupt, Whisperers/Iron Maiden, Deerstalker, BBQ.

  • MegMain98
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    Spirit and Plague are my two main killers and these are usually the add-ons I run on them as well. Sometimes I switch out the between the different effectiveness and cooldown add-ons.

    And yes...that is Stridor on Spirit. I know, crucify me everybody.

    My builds are usually very basic because I’m lazy and I don’t wanna try new builds.

  • xEa
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    I am not maining any killer, but i prevere M1 killers for a bit of a challange.

    On many i would say my favourite is BBQ, Safe the best for last, Pop and Corrupt

  • MegaWaffle
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    -Moniter & Abuse

    -Nurses Calling

    -Make Your Choice

    -Hex: Haunted Grounds / Devour Hope (I change every so often)


    -Infectious Fright

    -Monitor & Abuse

    -Nurses Calling

    -Save The Best For Last

    Those are my "go to" builds when I want to "win", but often I just run jumpscare/meme builds.

  • KingFrost
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    Pig: Pop Goes the Weasel / Save the Best For Last / BBQ + Chili / Agitation

    Legion: Thanataphobia / BBQ + Chili / Dying Light /

    Doctor: A Nurse's Calling /BBQ + Chili / Ruin / Thanataphobia

    Want STBFL, but he doesn't have it yet.

    Myers: BBQ+Chili / Bamboozle / Corrupt Intervention / Monitor and Abuse

    Ghostface: BBQ + Chili / Bitter Murmur / I'm All Ears / Ruin

    Plague: Corrupt Intervention / BBQ+Chili / Thanataphobia / Whispers

    Spirit: Bitter Murmur / Save the Best for Last / Devour Hope / Agitation

    Don't have all the perks I want on all of these.

  • Dwight_Fairfield
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    Myers: Corrupt intervention, Monitor and Abuse, Infectious Fright, Pop goes the weasel.

  • CashelP14
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    Very funny lol

    Though on a more serious note can we please just delete hag? Just say leatherface cut her up to use her face as a mask.

  • Bovinity
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    Right now on Legion I'm running:

    BBQ / Ruin / Discordance / Nurse

    Honestly, I would probably change that up, but I don't actually have very many teachables, so that's what I've got to work with. Actually seems extremely effective, though.

  • Quol
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    Demogorgon - Hex:Thrill of the Hunt, Hex:Devour Hope, Save the Best for Last, BBQ

    Deathslinger - Monitor and Abuse, Nurse's Calling, Sloppy Butcher, BBQ

    I like M&A on Deathslinger for that sweet 16m tr and since his gun has a range of 18m I can snipe careless survivors who are healing before they can hear me.

    Demo games are me protecting the totems more than gens. If I can get 3 hooks and 6+ STBFL tokens is a gg.

  • bubba_is_bubba
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    I play only spirit 90% times

    • Surveillance + Discordance + Pop + Ruin
    • Corrupt Int + Discordance + Pop + Ruin
    • Surveillance + Sloppy + Pop + Ruin
    • Discordance + Sloppy + Pop + Ruin

    Pop, Ruin always. And i do variations (BBQ included, just for extra BP) according addons or Map Offer.

    I never use MORI or NOED. Useless 100%.

  • DWolfAlpha
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    Legion Pin plus Stolen Sketch Book

    Dying Light, BBQ, Thanatophobia, and either Ruin or Devour Hope.

    Occasionally I swap out the hex for nurse's, but then I replace Legion Pin with Defaced Smiley Pin for the mangled effect.


    Add-ons that increase movement speed while aiming

    Shadowborn, Devour Hope, Play With Your Food, and Save the Best For Last

    High aiming speed counters survivors that zig zag while you aim, since that makes them slower than you, and better field of vision helps with aiming. Shooting doesn't count as an offensive action, so if you eat a stun, you can keep your PWYF tokens.

  • Demogordon_Ramsay
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    Deathslinger: Blood Echo, Agitation, Nurse's Calling, Thanatophobia

    Deathslinger is the type of Killer you want to heal against, and between Deep Wound and Nurse's Calling + his small Terror Radius, I have an enhanced ability to put a stop to that without having to waste a Perk slot on ######### Butcher. It also gives me tracking to find and down someone quickly. Then I throw on Thana to punish their gen times for being injured, and Blood Echo to give them Exhaustion purely because you shouldn't be able to Dead Hard a ######### gun. And then I just throw Agi on top to counter bodyblocking and sabo and get to the basement more often and... yeah.

    Legion: Ruin, Monitor and Abuse, Thana, Endurng w/ any Feral Frenzy duration addon + any Killer Instinct range addon

    I use the increased detection range from Monitor and the addon to snoop out more Survivors and see which gens to pressure and if anyone is on my totem. Once I get someone off my totem, I either chase them down to defend or, if I need to, Frenzy over to a gen to get Ruin to take effect. I use Thana as a backup in case Ruin gets insta-cleansed since unlike Pop, it can also be used while Ruin is still up, so I get value out of it either way. I would rather use my fourth Perk slot for Shadowborn because the fatigue vision is the literal worst, or Bamboozle because the vault speed does in fact still work in Frenzy (plus it shuts down window techs I guess idk), but I use Enduring because PEOPLE STILL CAMP GOD PALLETS AGAINST A FRENZYING LEGION WHILE INJURED AT RANK 1.

    Oni: Corrupt Intervention, Infectious Fright, Thrilling Tremors, Shadowborn

    Corupt to mitigate the fact that I start the match with no power. Infectious because.. just, Oni. Tremors to hook someone, see which gens are being worked on, and Demon Dash my way on over. Shadowborn because Oni is one of the few Killers that I feel to be strong enough that I can waste an entire Perk slot on an FoV slider.

    Demo: Corrupt Intervention, Save the Best for Last, Thrilling Tremors, Shadowborn

    Corrupt because I need time to set up my portal web. STBFL because shredding the obsession is actually OP. Tremors to teleport to any unblocked gens. Shadowborn because of the same reason I run it on Oni.

  • luka2211
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    Just bbq and shadowborn/enduring on anyone are my builds most of the time.

  • blue4zion
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    Spirit: Thrilling,Pop,M&A,Whispers

    Demo: STBFL, BBQ, Whispers, Pop/Thana

    Oni: M&A, Corrupt, BBQ, Thana

  • Doomspooge
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    I really like impossible skill check Doc.

    BBQ - cause I like points

    Distressing - for huge TR

    Unnerving - To make those checks harder to hit while they bounce around the screen

    Overcharge or Pop - I swap these 2 but mostly run Overcharge to make skill checks as hard as possible

    Addons vary by mood. Sometimes fake pallets amuse me. If I'm feeling a bit mean I'll run King and Queen. I always giggle when a random survivor in the distance screams cause they went to heal their friend.

  • rha
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    Huntress: Shadowborn, BBQ and Nurses are set in stone. Last slot is flexible, usually one of Bitter Murmur, I'm All Ears, Surveillance or Discordance.

  • Boss
    Boss Member Posts: 13,613




    1. "Windstorm" - Blood
    2. "All Seeing" - Blood


    1. Barbecue & Chili
    2. Make Your Choice
    3. Pop Goes The Weasel
    4. Enduring

    Hex: Devour Hope


    1. "Windstorm" - Blood
    2. "All Seeing" - Blood


    1. Barbecue & Chili
    2. Hex: Devour Hope
    3. Pop Goes The Weasel
    4. Enduring



    1. Coxcombed Clapper
    2. "The Ghost" - Soot


    1. Barbecue & Chili
    2. Make Your Choice
    3. Pop Goes The Weasel
    4. Enduring



    1. "Shadow Dance" - Blood
    2. "Shadow Dance" - White


    1. Brutal Strength
    2. Enduring
    3. Fire Up
    4. Spirit Fury



    1. "Windstorm" - Blood
    2. "Windstorm" - White


    1. Agitation
    2. Hex: Devour Hope
    3. Hex: No One Escapes Death
    4. Play With Your Food

    Status Effects


    1. "Blind Warrior" - White (Mangled + Haemorrhage)
    2. "Blind Warrior" - Mud (Blindness)


    1. Barbecue & Chili (For my lovely Auras)
    2. Blood Echo (Haemorrhage + Exhausted)
    3. Hex: Devour Hope (Cursed + Exposed)
    4. Hex: Retribution (Cursed + Oblivious)

    Avoid the Obsession


    1. "Windstorm" - Blood
    2. "All Seeing" - Blood


    1. Dying Light
    2. Nemesis
    3. Play With Your Food
    4. Save The Best For Last

    And probably some others.

  • ImJustABeeBro
    ImJustABeeBro Member Posts: 94

    My Demmie build

    Thrilling Tremors



    Save the best for last

  • a_good_player
    a_good_player Member Posts: 194

    wraith: thanato, sloppy, nurses, chilli (i use truetalent's build)

    billy: chilli, enduring, infectious fright, spirit fury (i tried bamboozle, as suggested by high skill players, but i like spirit fury a lot more)

    huntress: chilli, nurses, whispers, bitter murmur (if you are good at longshots you definitely should try bitter murmur)

    hag: monitor, nurses, sloppy, corrupt

    doctor: corrupt, brutal, pop, chilli

    clown: brutal, save the best, infectious, corrupt

    spirit: chilli, pop, stridor, whispers (i know how unfun is she to go against, especially with stridor. and i aknowledge the fact that she has no counters and requires just a good headset to win as, even versus good survivors. and indeed, i win almost every match as her, even if i dont play her very much. but seems to me that in this game a lot of people really dont care about the fun of other players, so why should I?)

    legion: thanato, sloppy, dark devotion, whispers

    oni: chilli, infectious, monitor, pop

    deathslinger: monitor, corrupt, pop, chilli

  • NeaMainNON_TOXIC3
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    Vommy Mommy - Corrupt Intervention, Infectious Fright, Thanataphobia, PGTW

    Edgy Stab Gang - Discordance, Iron Grasp, Sloppy Butcher, Spies From The Shadows

    I am currently unlocking avery teachable right now so my builds aren't the best.

    I'm also trying to find a new killer to main.

  • DetailedDetriment
    DetailedDetriment Member Posts: 2,632


    Iron Maiden



    Corrupt Intervention

    Different from the basic build, but still extremely effective.

  • Awakey
    Awakey Member Posts: 3,145

    Y'know, pig was the first character I got to rank 1 with.

    I run Nurse's, BBQ, Enduring, and Devour. But your build is quite unique.

  • asimplelegion
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    barely remember but I will post my toxic build for customs. I use it to troll my friends mostly

    Discordance, Bitter Murmur, NOED, Blood Warden

    maybe sprinkle in a nurses calling and bbq and chili

  • Heroiq
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    angry blue Shrek (Oni) : I'm all ears, PGTW, Monitor, Infectious (for practicing/first game of the day). Monitor, Infectious, BBQ, I'm all ears (for normal matches),

    The fedora midget (Freddy) : Sloppy, PGTW, BBQ, Thana (only play him when going against my friends and/or want to farm bloodpoints)

    The big brain (Trapper) : BBQ, Enduring, Sloppy, PGTW (my main objective is getting as much kills with my traps. so i get that big brain feeling)

  • MrDardon
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    • BBQ
    • Pop goes the Weasel
    • A Nurses Calling
    • Brutal Strength

    BBQ gives me good information to get to my next target as soon as possible. Maybe I can even throw a hatchet across the map and it gives me info of which gen is being worked on so I can regress it with Pop.

    Nurses seems like a good call, people still heal in her lullaby for some reason, they can't really tell how far I am and will probably get a random hatchet in their head, and Brutal Strength to shorten the distance to the Survivor after breaking a pallet to potentially hit them with a hatchet before they get to anything.

    I use different Add-Ons but I usually stick with the Oak Haft and the Bandaged Haft.


    • BBQ
    • Pop goes the Weasel
    • A Nurses Calling
    • Stridor (usually Sloppy Butcher)

    BBQ and Pop because of the same reason as above. Nurses Calling is very underrated on her, sometimes you chase someone, catch someone healing behind something and then you catch them off guard because they think you're still chasing the other person.

    Stridor is a Perk I usually hate running on her because it makes her extremely overpowered but there is currently a bug where you hear the loud endgame soundtrack during the whole match, reducing my ability to hear things. Stridor makes up for that. Usually I run Sloppy to extend healing times to get more value out of Nurses.

    Just like on Huntress and on any other Killers, I run different Add-Ons but for the most part I use Activation Charge and Phasing duration. It's my favourite combo.


    • Hex: Ruin
    • Hex: Haunted Ground
    • Monitor and Abuse
    • Save the Best for Last

    I really like the Ruin/Haunted Combo even tho there are better options but it gives me some early downs. Monitor is almost a must on him, it makes you unpredictable if you play unpredictable and can catch people off guard. Save the Best for Last might get replaced soon, I don't get much value out of it. I might change my build entirely but that's my current one.

    Add-Ons I usually run are Reload Add-Ons, Reeling Speed or Cooldown after missed shots.


    • Surge
    • Nemesis
    • Enduring
    • Discordance

    Surge works well with him since his Terror Radius is lower, giving you some quick downs, it works good with Tier 3 as well. I tried Ruin but it's not as reliable, Surge saves a bit more time and is consistent.

    Nemesis and Enduring because I use the Judith's Journal Add-Ons to get much faster stalk, combined with J. Myers Memorial. I get my Tier 3 every few seconds I feel. And Discordance to get early info of where Survivors are to manage my slow start a bit better.


    • BBQ
    • Pop goes the Weasel
    • Infectious Fright
    • Monitor and Abuse

    BBQ and Pop for the information and regression. Infectious to increase my snowball potential and Monitor to get my early hit easier as well as extending my Infectious range to get even more snowballing going.

    Ink Lion and Cracked Sakazuki are my favourites. Activating Blood Fury is almost instant as well as deactivating it. Ink Lion also takes less of your power when downing a Survivor. Cheap combo and good as well.

    CLAUDETTEINABUSH Member Posts: 2,210

    Heyo Groot, I'm also a spirit main now. I suggest this!

    Corrupt, pop, bbq and stridor/a nurses calling/stbfl. Stridor is necessary if you run my personal favorite combo, mother daughters ring and green duration. You're gonna enjoy it trust me 😉

  • Talmeer
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    I main Legion with every Legion Perk + Stridor.

    But I should mention that I just play for fun and have no interesst at all to go up to the red ranks (again/so I have no try hard build) and I also think that the Legion Perks are really fitting for the Legion - something that you can't say about every killer and his perks and Stridor is my "soundfix" perk. I have him on every killer, since I run sometimes into soundproblems in Dead by Daylight.

  • NinjaDette1
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