Brutal Strength

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Is it just me or does it seem like brutal strength doesn't work as intended against pallets and destructable walls. When I destroy a generator, it's very obvious the animation is sped up and the perk is doing its job. On the flip side, when I destroy a pallet or (maybe destructable wall) its not obvious that the perk is working. With the destructable wall I think maybe it works but with the pallet its very hard to tell when you see the difference between destroying a generator with and without it vs destroying a pallet.

Sorry this isn't correctly formatted. I did submit a ticket last week, I just wanted to see other players thoughts on this. Am I alone in thinking that Brutal Strength isn't working as intended on destroying pallets?

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  • GoshJosh
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    I've used the perk since the most recent update, and don't personally notice anything wrong with it for any usage (pallets or generators; not sure I've gotten Dead Dawg Saloon while using it yet).