New facecamping loading screen on Mobile


I just saw this on dumpster fire... ehm... on reddit. Apparently, it's legit, but don't quote me on that. I won't add much myself. I think it might have a mild effect on very new players who don't understand the game, but that's about it. Otherwise, 'unnecessary' (lol) facecamping is done with trolling intentions. So, this does very little to tackle the real problem.


  • MadArtillery
    MadArtillery Member Posts: 826

    That's kind of hilarious honestly. Maybe if being in a certain proximity of a hooked survivor outside of a chase gave survivors a repair speed advantage but often it is really powerful a strategy.

  • NotDBD
    NotDBD Member Posts: 182

    I just find this quite funny. But like you said, if it is legit, it's not really going to fix the problem. But at least they are aware of it haha

  • SMitchell8
    SMitchell8 Member Posts: 3,301

    The problem with face camping is that its bait for survivors to try and save the camped survivor, instead of blitzing the gens then going for the save. Seen a lot of face camping lately, and in only 1 game, did we punnish the killer by gen rushing. The other occasions, all survivors were trying to lure the killer away thus wasted loads of gen repair time. Survivors play into the killers hands when it comes to camping.