PC - Drop from a Great height bug AGAIN from tome 2 now in tome 3

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Player during the normal play of the game tried to get the drop from a great height and had the stagger that would have triggered balanced landing is not working. She was on groaning storehouse, and dropped off the back of the hill while being chased by the huntress twice and she did not get the challenge done. player played KATE. here is a clip from her stream to show it did not trigger but, the VOD for her will show just back from where that clip happened. https://clips.twitch.tv/ObservantAffluentCoyoteSwiftRage

Reporting this for others streaming. Please investigate because this was an issue in TOME 2 that never got fixed where it would require a drop from a full story

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  • Kamikazi
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    I had this same issue. I decided to change the order of my perks, and move a couple characters/survivors to the right, then left back to the character I wanted to play, and I finally got it during the next round, after 2 failed matches previously. When I finally got it, I only fell down a little hill mound which normally has a hook on it.