whats the point of gen rushing on the ptb?


I legit cannot understand survivors

instead of learning new stuff from the ptb you decide to gen rush?

Why? all the bloodpoints you get you cannot use, and if you fix all gens you won't even exprience anything new

I seriously want to understand this type of thinking


  • BlueFang
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    Plus survivors want to level up their characters and the like. Rushing through games does tend to give you a better chance at getting BP then intentionally playing slow

    Its lame, but that is what the PTB necessitates. I personally don't like it and wish they changed it, but they have it this way for a reason

  • Mooks
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    the first 3 games on PTB I was literally always tunneled directly off the hook by the killer. But it’s cooler here to only call out survivors for something like this I guess.

    to answer: some people like to play on the PTB in their normal playstyle which is probably needed for testing/statistics etc. if you only want to look at the map/killer power you can always play KYF.

  • Karl_Childers
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    Why are some Pyramid heads heading directly to cages, hoping for a no DS/BT tunnel?

    I legit can not understand killers.

    In all seriousness, each side playing how they would normally play is exactly what you would want on a PTB...so your complaint really doesn’t make sense.

  • Gomolazoli
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    What’s the point of testing if you don’t play like you usually do but instead, offer yourself in a silver plate to the killer making him appear stronger in the stats than he actually is?

  • Hero_awesome
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    I mean I can't test him if all they do is genrush. What stats are u gonna learn? Every killer gets genrushed so what are they gonna learn? Just ApPly PReSsuRe

  • Bovinity
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    How are you going to test him if they're NOT trying to win?

    How will we know if he can keep up with the current metagame? How his abilities work against good survivors? How oppressive a mechanic is?

    It's a test server, not a practice server.

  • Xerge
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    What I find more weird is survivors playing stealthy, avoiding chases, but whatever. Not sure what people want to exactly test, but I'm interested in chases from both perspectives; I already know how to play stealthy.