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This is either written wrong or bugged. Escape a trial as Katie when your next hook will sacrifice you. I was the last survivor and escaped through the hatch. I'm the last survivor in the match. Even though i have not been hooked once, my next hook will sacrifice me. I escaped once through the hatch and a second time through the door after it was closed. It did not give the escape.

P.S can we please for both the killer and survivor challenges not get these where specific conditions are not apart of this. Using perks are one thing but certain conditions you can't control and the game has not been the same since the battlepass challenges came out. You have fundamentally changed the game in a negative way when players are doing "challenges" and not actually playing. See Hallowed Blight Event(Plants) and New Years Event(Lantern).

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  • Phoenix2195
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    I had same problem

  • Fog_King
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    I had a match were I was hooked and got to struggle phase, then was saved and ended up surviving. If I was hooked again, I would have died, but the game did mark the challenge as complete. After almost 10 matches, I was hooked twice, then escaped and it gave me the reward. So, from what I can see, the game is only counting if we are hooked twice before escaping, which makes no sense. They could have made the challenge just escape as Kate, but no, they had to try to make it even harder for no reason.

  • fcc2014
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    They need to make the challenge clearer or account for all possibilities. I completed the challenge but that isn't the point.

  • bm33
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    I escaped as last/only survivor after not being hooked once and it didn't count. Had to be hooked twice and escape for it to count. Being last/only survivor to escape without being hooked should count since they don't let you attempt escape.

  • fcc2014
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    Completely agree since i achieved what was asked based on how it is written.

  • Kamikazi
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    You need to be hooked at least once, and go through 2x hook stages. Due to the game changing back around January from having 3 escape attempts to 2 escape attempts, it may be hard to word if its 2x or 3x hook stages. Its easier and lazier to not clarify which hook state is actually required, but instead to mention the next hook state would complete the sacrifice.

    I carefully read the wording and understood exactly what was required and completed this within a few trials by not playing so hard when I could see we were about to win. My team mates rescued me off the hook and I got the achievement fine. If they rescue you within 1 second each time, you will require 3 hooks. If they let you sit for 5-10 seconds on the hook each time, you will need to be hooked 2x. If they wait till you enter the struggle phase, you are done and just need to survive by exiting the match safely.

    Easiest way to state this is that you must enter the struggle phase and escape.

  • Malkhrim
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    Or they could just change the text to something like "Escape after being hooked twice as Kate Denson", since being hooked once and reaching the struggle phase doesn't seem to do anything. I just ran into this problem and I'm really not happy about it.

  • Kamikazi
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    But if they rescued you from the hook ASAP 2x, you would still have to get on the hook to achieve the 3rd hook state, making you into the struggle phase. If making it to the struggle phase with one hook didnt do it for you, then they worded it perfectly for a really messy achievement.

  • PigNRun
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    I completed the challenge just fine by getting hooked near the end, putting myself on second stage and escaping through the gate. That "getting hooked twice" wouldnt really apply if you are abandoned on the hook or force it yourself, yet both cases can grant it to you.

  • Malkhrim
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    It is bugged, then. Because on my first try, I forced my self into the struggle phase, was rescued and left through the exit gates. It didn't work. On the next try, I was hooked and rescued twice. Then it worked.

  • MimzyLittle
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    Why is this even a challenge? Making a challenge that basically screws over the survivor and may lead to them giving up the match is not a good game design in my opinion. They're essentially making it so that the survivor intentionally gets hooked twice, that means having to get the killer's attention and get the aggro in hopes of being downed. Or worse, making the survivor purposely make poor choices to go down in the first place. It just changes how they would regularly play and not in their favor at all lmao.

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  • pawberrie
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    This challenge is definitely either bugged or worded incorrectly. I didn't force myself into second phase, but I naturally went into it on my first hook. My next hook would have killed me. I escaped through the exit gates and didn't get the challenge. Super frustrating when I've been trying to complete this all day.

  • Kamikazi
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    I'm seeing most of the archives are a way to get you to give the opponent an advantage. But I also am a firm believe that if you keep trying, you will get it eventually. (Except with keys and flashlights, cause you'll run out of items eventually.)

    Eventually, you'll even get adept on any survivor, through random chance. Same for this challenge. Eventually it will happen.