Is it bannable to use GPN software?

kaeru Member Posts: 1,568

I live in Kazakhstan and my ping is awful because of (I guess) government paranoid traffic checkig, poor network customisation and far territorial location. Best ping I had is 120 but usually is 130-150. That causes survivors be mad at me when I play Huntress because hit still counts when they do manage to hide behind a corner in time. I've got my whole steam comment section filled with agressive feedback about me and my internet quality.

Not long ago I learned about software that optimise your internet route and packet loss. It is so called GPN services: WTFast, ExitLag, WoWping. So I have couple of questions about it:

  1. Is it bannable? It's a side software so i'm affraid it can be considered as cheat by EAC somehow.
  2. Would it be effective? I don't really know details of how it works. Maybe there is someone who have expirience of using this type of software, please give me some tips or advice.