I give up as being a DBD content creator


Hey everyone

Some of you might know who I am, some might not know, but I wanted to share this.

I've been playing DBD since the nurse came out, and I've been enjoying my time, soo I decided to start making memes, videos and guides.

My first DBD content was a Pirate chapter idea on July of 2017 which I am still hoping the devs will make.

Fast forward to the 1st of March of 2018, and I created my first DBD meme video, took me 2 hours to make and I was proud, the reception of it was amazing, which pushed me to create more. That same week I created my first gameplay montage, and there the reception was horrible, but yet members of the community supported me telling me how I could improve my videos. I listened to the feedback and created more

On june of 2018 I learned how to animate in source film maker soo I could create more videos, and yet again the community support me even when my animation wasn't that great, I kept improving in animating, hell I spent 2 months recreating the entire envagelion intro with DBD characters.

But this is where the problem started.

The more effort I put into videos and memes, the less feedback and recognition I recieved

There were memes I created that were stolen, and one of them was even being sold online, I started watermarking my content. And some of the memes were sent to the devs claiming they were made my other people, which really hurt me .

But then it hit me, the memes and videos I created with less effort were all ways the ones that got the more likes and comments

I started getting frustated how I would usually spend 1 or 2 months making a video and not getting any recognition, but the memes and videos I spent 1 hour making would be my most popular content.

I am unsure why this is the case... was it the community? was it my content that was really that bad and I didn't see it? Maybe the DBD content creators is an oversaturated space? Or maybe only toxic montages are what the community wants?

I don't know, all I know is that the content I was creating to other communities all ways got a better reception then the dead by daylight community, and this frustation let me to stop creating content for this community.

I created memes, videos, the PerkByDaylight community, and am usually lurking on reddit or this forums to answer question.

I will still be supporting the game, the devs and checking up on news, and play at least once a week but as in terms of new content from me I feel sad to say that I won't be making more.

If you read all of this I appreciate it. And would love to discuss this with anyone interested


  • bingbongboi90
    bingbongboi90 Member Posts: 576

    I dont think the meme videos has anything to do with the dead by dailight community.

    A lot of people watch meme video's even they dont play the game this means there will be more views and likes because you got a bigger audience. This audience are the people who like to watch memes. Even I watch meme videos on games I dont play.

    But people who watch regular gameplay of you ussually play the game this means the audience is a bit smaller then the people who just like memes.

    I think this got to do with the audience you hit with your content, not about your content being bad.

  • Thatbrownmonster
    Thatbrownmonster Member Posts: 1,640

    Thing is... I don't make gameplay videos, I only make meme videos

    Maybe it's the community? Maybe it changed direction on what they want, because lately I don't feel welcome in this community

  • NICK714
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    memes- DbD something is not right

  • Thatbrownmonster
    Thatbrownmonster Member Posts: 1,640

    care to elaborate?

    I do enjoy making the videos, but it frustates me how no one views or reacts to what I create

  • Orion
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    The market is saturated. Either you find a different game, or accept that you're unlikely to succeed because you just didn't get lucky. Despite what people say, "getting discovered" is 99% luck.

  • Thatbrownmonster
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    I agree with you, the market is saturated, and anything that isn't otz, noob3 or any major streamer/youtuber will get frowned upon

    Hell there is this mentality that if you have ttv or youtube in your name you must get moried, I don't do this, but godamn this community broke me in terms of content

  • SpaceCoconut
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    If you quit, then you didn't really want it that much in the first place.

    I've been creating since 2017 and am still under 10k subs on YT.

    This is a business and I'm looking very closely at what I'm doing right and wrong in order to improve.

    I'm not sure how the Meme market works, but if you're trying to create funny videos, you need to create a brand where people recognize you as a meme creator rather than simply recognize your meme.

    Generator Jake comes to mind. I didn't care what the context of the meme was, I simply knew that if he made it, it was probably good. He stopped making them several months ago though.

    That should be your goal if you really want to be successful.

    Create a brand.

    Create what you enjoy.

    Create what you want to see.

    Create a lot.

    Create often.

    Create for yourself and not the numbers.

  • symptom101
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    The problem is not the community, the problem is your lack of perseverance.

    If you enjoy doing something, you gotta give it your all, and do it because you like doing it not because of views or anything else.

    Rewards come after the hard work. Don't give up, keep producing, views, clicks and money will join eventually...

    Good luck.

  • ohheyitsbobcat
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    It could very well be your stuff was getting too complicated. People like simplicity as it's easier to take in and swallow. That's why memes are so funny and enjoyed in the first place. They're stupidly simple and easy to get for everyone.

    The more you saturate your content with various things the more you might turn people off because it's too much and you'll end up creating a bit of a niche in your community, especially if you're not a big name. Of course, you should make whatever you want to make but if you're looking to connect to people simplicity is you're best friend to do so.

    After all not everyone can appreciate the art that is Mona Lisa but everybody can certainly appreciate a good dickbutt. Simply put, less is more.

  • Blueberry
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    I think the problem is that you are creating content because you want recognition from others instead of creating content because you actually enjoy doing it. That is where the disconnect is coming from for you.