PC - Rancor doesn't work with "Nemesis"?

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I am matching "Rancor" with "Nemesis", to get the chance for multible Moris in Endgame. Today I let the last survivor life and let her repair the last gen. She WASN'T my obsession at this point. Than, after the last gen was done, I positioned myself in a pallet spot and she pallet stunned me. Thanks to "Nemesis" she becomes my new obsession.

I brought her to the shack, lay her down and COULDN'T mori her. There was no option for this. I just get three options "Pick up", "Open portal" and "Channel abyss".

Additional information

  • Demogorgon
  • "Rancor", "Nemesis", "Furtive Chase" and "Bloodwarden"
  • Wretched shop
  • It happened one time. I try to test it again.
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