Huntress Terror Radius bugged ?

Nyaren_Chan Member Posts: 243

I have encountered a very strange bug in two games in a row, in which Huntress was really nearby and her terror radius was almost non-existent or had very silent heartbeats (as if she was far away).

To give you an example, I was in the Temple in the Red Forest map, in the room where there is a chest, I did not hear her entering the Temple at all, and when she entered the room, I only heard very silent and slow heartbeats.

I checked the perks, she did not have Monitor & Abuse or any perk that cause her terror radius to shrink in any way. Even her add-ons had nothing to see with the oblivious status effect, and the second Huntress I encountered had no Add-Ons and no perk that affected her terror radius.

Is this a bug other people have encountered recently ? I do not have sound problems, for she is the only killer with whom I encounter this problem.

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  • lotelal
    lotelal Member Posts: 12

    i found this bug too, i was in a custom game and the huntress was really close to me and she had no heartbeat