Basically survivors doesn't make any sound 4.0.0

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This famous Youtuber told everything you need to know.

• Platform - PC

• Description of the issue - STILL slugged survivers doesin't make any sound, RANDOM Iron will appearance, Iron will removes every breathing sound, No foot steps sounds in the certain areas, no down falling sounds, ect.

• Steps to reproduce (if possible) - impossible

• How often does this occur - very often

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  • RavenTheWraith
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    I play on switch and it's the exact same here :/

  • Cosmin262
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    I can confirm this,my Nancy wouldn't grunt when I was injured

  • MrPenguin
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    yeah tracking is pretty much non-existent right now outside of scratch marks. Indoor maps, like the new one, are especially hit hard. Might take a long break from killer, survivor ques are going to get worse at this rate :/

    Scott Jund also made a video talking about it if you want to check it out and feel less alone.

  • Stonuk
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    Don't worry guys. They're probably gonna fix it in a couple of months.

  • LordRegal
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    Can confirm, I'm very reliant on sound as a killer and since the patch I've been losing people way too easily if they manage to mislead their scratchmarks at all.

  • Washu_YouAreAGenius
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    I feel like the thread that @Williamz started on March 12, 2020 which is in "Acknowledged Status" is simply still not resolved.

    That thread is located here:

    However, the sound bugs seems to be expanded beyond what was reported in that thread as now survivors actually make even less sounds. I have done some additional testing and would like to add to this thread since I feel the issue now goes beyond the scope of Williamz's bug report.

    Steps to Reproduce:

    1. Install and launch build 4.0.0 on PS4 or PC (only platforms I can test)

    2. Queue for game as ANY Survivor OR Any Killer (you can play KYF, Tutorial or Public to experience this issue)

    2a. Testing done during the following times: 2 PM, 4 PM, 6 PM, 8 PM, 11 PM, 2 AM (MST)

    3. Play on ANY version of ANY map

    4. If playing as ANY Survivor you may instantly notice that even PERK-less you emit no sounds while performing the following actions:

    Simply breathing, walking, running, being hit by the killer, being injured, being in the dying state, being hooked by the killer, falling from a great height or landing from a great fall.

    5. If playing as ANY Killer you may notice that even PERK-less OR with tracking type perks such as Stridor that Survivors emit no sounds in the following circumstances:

    Simply breathing, walking, running, being hit by the killer, being injured, being in the dying state, being hooked by the killer, falling from a great height or landing from a great fall.

    6. Uhm... Yeah. That's it really. You don't need to do anything other than play the game to experience these sound bugs.

    Occurs on:

    PS4 and PC as I now have the ability to test on PC


    The video in @Tomozudoari's post at the start of this thread showcases the bugs pretty well.


    In all of the testing I've been doing I'm starting to think this bug might be a concurrent sound priority bug!!! My line of thinking assumes that to reduce system load there is a maximum number of concurrent sounds permitted by that game at any given time and if that limit is reached anything with a lower priority is muted. Some games have this as a setting that the user can control. These sound bugs are much more noticeable when playing on the newer/reworked maps that have plenty of ambient sounds. This leads me to believe when a match loads-up and the systems of all the players begin to load in the map assets that the sound priority tree is bugged, incorrectly ordered, not ordered at all, ordered on first come basis or straight up random.

    This would make a TON of sense as to why this bug affects some players in a match and not all, why it is not easy to replicate and why it affects Killers and Survivors differently.


  • Toybasher
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    The sound priority thing reminds me of a similar issue in Red Orchestra where the long, drawn out death sounds (Rarely, people would writhe on the ground crying/moaning for like a minute and a half which added a Saving Private Ryan vibe) would bug and get cut-off due to sound priority/layering since there's so much stuff going on. Rising Storm 2 uses an updated engine and had the opposite problem where certain sounds would play too often. (Artillery raining down on your men? Expect to hear like 5 different people say "I'm gettin' a heart for that one!" or when playing as Commander, your soldier shouting "SOMEONE NEEDS GLASSES" at himself because some napalm accidentally did a team kill) Even then there's a bug where gunfire ends up getting cut-off since weapons use looped audio and something like a guy firing a LMG right next to you is completely silent. Was never fixed.

    I am curious if the sound layering is the cause of this issue. You'd think high-importance sounds (Survivor noises) would have priority.

    Does this bug ever occur in reverse where survivors cannot hear the killer's footsteps or other sound effects?

  • gofu
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    Can confirm PC Steam.

  • Williamz
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    @Washu_YouAreAGenius Cheers for the notification. I do agree with you. I was looking at the Silent Hill patch notes to see if they had actually fixed this and to my disappointment they hadn't. I honestly think they slapped "Acknowledged Status" then just whacked it on the low priority list. I asked on my thread for at least some sort of dev status update on the bug but nothing. What they don't realize is tracking a survivor is a fundamental aspect of the game for killer so this should have been on the top priority list from the beginning as this will just impact balancing going forward.

    @Tomozudoari I have not seen this video of Scott yet but I do agree with what he's saying as I have experienced this as well for months. There are some serious sound issues currently which has progressively got worse since just after Oni got added.

    I honestly think it's time we deserve to get an official response from the devs about this bug. @not_Queen @Jeff @Peanits

  • Washu_YouAreAGenius
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    @Toybasher This bug does indeed occur in reverse but it is often very difficult to notice as Survivor when it actually does; In my testing I've been recording my game play and then going back to review if I missed any sound bugs and upon review I notice many more absent sounds then while I was playing as Survivor.

    I would list out all of the absent Killer sounds I've experienced but I feel that it's redundant at this point. In reviewing the spreadsheet I have tracking all of the Killer sound bugs I've experienced as Survivor I really feel like my idea as to the root cause of the problem is correct.

  • LordRegal
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    So I'm still not sure what causes the random iron will, but I have, at least once, STOPPED the bug (only the random iron will part, not the rest of it) by crouching. Which is a really weird interaction to kill it, but there you have it.

  • Fen
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    Can confirm everything that Scott said in the video. PC, Steam.

  • Washu_YouAreAGenius
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    Just played 1 game on the New Midwich Elementary School map as Clown (Pop, Dying Light, Sloppy Butcher and BBQ). Absolutely destroyed a 4 man SWF who messaged me GG via PSN after the match! 2/4 of those Survivors ran Iron Will with Calm Spirit but all 4 had Iron Will. It was my first game of the day and apparently the stars aligned as I didn't experience every single sound bug... just a few. 32k Bloodpoints perfect 4 Iridescent Double Pip match in Red Ranks where even the Survivors ON CONSOLE messaged GG to a Clown!! Final note: there were 2 generators left and I did not close hatch so the End Game Collapse never started.

    Queued up for my 2nd game of the day being in a pretty great mood from that experience. Match loads in and it's Midwich Elementary School (again). I immediately notice the End Game Collapse Music playing non-stop **insert "aww heck, here we go again" meme**. I get crushed as all 4 Survivors go super immersive mode and I cannot find anyone. No generators get touched for 3 solid minutes of me just patrolling the map. I proceeded to encounter the 4 Survivors in the match and, obviously, they were all completely silent in every conceivable situation. By the end of the match I've only hooked 3 different Survivors and had a total of 5 hooks. I down the one Survivor I haven't hooked while they're trying to open the Exit Gate and they press themselves up against the wall under the Exit Gate Switch; Being frustrated I go to grab them without turning away from the Switch and accidentally begin opening the Exit Gate but wait! . . . . . . I get stuck in the animation to open the Exit Gate. The other Survivors come and heal the downed Survivor and I can just barely see one of them t-bagging to my left. They finish healing everyone to full and I can no longer see t-bagging until -> 3 minutes of EXPLOSIONS as they vault and possibly let crows appear above their heads before finally opening the other Exit Gate. They wait out the ENTIRE EGC TIMER constantly vaulting or something before they finally leave right before the EGC Timer depletes. And if you've read this far you know for certain what the Survivors did next! All 4 of them sent me Typical Toxic Survivor Messages; I cannot share what they sent me as I believe their wording is against this Forum's ToS but I'm sure you can all imagine. I did report them in-game and reported their PSN messages without responding (plus, I've already gotten confirmation from Sony that action has been taken due to the nature of the messages). After I finished reporting these 4 Survivors I looked at their Perks and low and behold... NONE OF THEM HAD IRON WILL, CALM SPIRIT OR ANY OTHER PERK OF THAT TYPE/CLASS!!!

    I never once saw a ping indicator on my screen and I never have actually (I have very good service through my ISP). During the final 6 or so minutes of the match I had plenty of time to watch the Survivors Pings which varied from 80ms - 200ms but mostly stayed around 80ms.

    So like... What is going on Dead by Daylight Developers? When the Survivors have a decent amount of bugs plaguing the Killer and the Killer does very well and beats them they don't get upset. They were very jovial about that match. When the Survivors have every possible SOUND BUG (plus a glitch that got me stuck in an animation), that I can currently identify anyway, plaguing the Killer and the Killer performs poorly they become hyper toxic and practically hold the game hostage. If those Survivors could play against me when I'm at 100% (EG: Not affected by every possible SOUND BUG) they would easily be put in their place and maybe learn to stop their crap without potentially being banned by Sony/PSN. This 2nd game of the day experience I had was actually the norm for me and I'm very displeased that this thread isn't even Acknowledged. Since the bugs occur so frequently should I just accept this as the expected Dead by Daylight Experience? I understand if you can't easily fix these problems. I do not understand why you can't at the very least say, "Hey, we know it sucks... We're trying to fix it but please just bare with us."

    I guess what I'm trying to say is: Bump and here is a story of what these bugs are causing.

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    It's been 8 days now and the status is still Pending xDDDDD.

    Pretty good job so far!

  • Williamz
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    This bug been around since Oni release and got officially reported in March and still no response? :/