Crown Bug, Doesn’t appears as a cosmetic

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Platform: Console, Xbox

While playing the new event, I’ve collected a crown but it seems to not appear for my survivor as a cosmetic. I’ve got a clip here to show I’ve collected the crown in trial but not as a cosmetic.

EDIT: after discussing this with a few other people, this issue is most common on console and a few on PC as well. This still is an issue and I am willing to send more clips of this issue with different survivors & killers. As of right now I cannot get the crown for any survivor or killer even after grabbing and leaving with the crown during a trial.

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The team is investigating. If any PC users could post their Logs that would be extremely helpful, thank you!


  • iBeKevo
    iBeKevo Member Posts: 12

    Same thing happened to me 😢

  • robangus
    robangus Member Posts: 10

    Same, ive played switch and PC today and experienced it on switch and a friend on PC when i got it. (Twice on switch!)

  • mrkrow
    mrkrow Member Posts: 9

    Same. Playing on PS4 console I too am not getting the crown. Recorded video as well.

  • alysenightmare
    alysenightmare Member Posts: 1

    Same to me on both a killer and survivor. I play on xbox

  • stedfastboat088
    stedfastboat088 Member Posts: 1

    Same for me, I've collected the crown about 8 times, but the crown doesn't show on any survivors or killers. I play on xbox, and my gamertag is the same as my username. Please help and love the game!

  • RiskyShark
    RiskyShark Member Posts: 19

    Same thing happened to me on cbox but with doc

  • MissBehavingX
    MissBehavingX Member Posts: 493

    Same for me, im on Xbox and escaped twice as Meg, crown, glowing, sparkles and all...

  • Cheshire_Katzen
    Cheshire_Katzen Member Posts: 1

    Same, from the PC. I earned it on my Survivors but I cannot earn it on my Killers. I am trying with the Huntress multiple times, and the Trapper a few as well. I can't seem to pick up the buff. No glitter outline, the pillar doesn't go away, and no matter how many times I slash it nothing happens. Please help.

  • JawsIsTheNextKiller
    JawsIsTheNextKiller Member Posts: 3,349

    Same. PS4, escaped while glowing after collecting a crown three times as Dwight. Got a scoring event (500 points I think) for escaping with the crown but no crown is shown when I look at Dwight's head options.

  • jlynn
    jlynn Member Posts: 1

    Same this is why I came to the page for answers happened last night but both of my SWF got the crown at each escape

  • Dwightmain310
    Dwightmain310 Member Posts: 1
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    Same thing is happening to me on xbox one. So far Ive got it for Dwight and Meg but I can't seem to get it for Claudette (already escaped twice with the crown as her, didn't get the cosmetic). Im trying to get it for Jake but tunneling is a thing so no luck

  • MissionSneeze66
    MissionSneeze66 Member Posts: 1

    I was able to get the crown for Nea and Claudette, but I could able to get the crown for Laurie. I escaped 4 times with the glow and I still didn't have the crown as a cosmetic for Laurie.

  • Sitta
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    Same, from the PC. I earned yesterday with Claudette, Jake and Feng Min but couldnt today with Laurie.

    Edit: Laurie isnt a original character from DBD, my bad.

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  • Ethol_is_mine
    Ethol_is_mine Member Posts: 1

    Console PS4

    I escaped with 2 survivors first with Kate. I escaped with a crown but I never got the actual cosmetic. Then I just figured something went wrong and it didn’t register it so I tried again since I was playing with some friends that had gotten the crowns before. So I tryed to play as Yui to see if it was just Kate and was just one time. I got the crown and escaped again with the crown but I still didn’t get it. I then switched over to the killers to play as the doctor to see if it’s just the survivors or something with my account, I played as the doctor and got the crown in the actual match but I still didn’t get it in cosmetic. I restarted the game, switch from survivor to killer but nothing changed. I know you can’t get the crown on licensed killers and survivors but i haven’t played and licensed ones.

  • GrimDaddyHoodoo
    GrimDaddyHoodoo Member Posts: 3

    Same here. I played on Ps4 as Doc and did not get crown cosmetic.

  • GrimDaddyHoodoo
    GrimDaddyHoodoo Member Posts: 3

    I don't think you can with Laurie as it only works for original DBD characters.

  • PotionKister99
    PotionKister99 Member Posts: 2

    My friend is having trouble getting the crowns on killers. He has collected the crown many times but still cannot unlock cosmetic.

    he plays on Xbox

  • Chimca
    Chimca Member Posts: 1

    Same thing happened to me. I play on PC and already got the crown on some survivors, but others (originals) i doesn't unlock. For example i got it for claudette and david king, but when i escaped with bill i didn't get it. When I escaped it appeared crown unlocked +500 but nothing in cosmetics.

  • 0mikeya0
    0mikeya0 Member Posts: 220
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    I just escaped with the crown as Adam and I didn't receive the cosmetic, but yesterday it worked and I have the crown cosmetic for Dwight, Meg, Claudette, Jake, Nea, Feng, David, Kate, Jane, Yui, and Zarina.

    Platform: Xbox One


    I just restarted the game; jumped into a trial and grabbed the crown (near end game of course) and headed out immediately and I now have the crown cosmetic for Adam. I don't know if it will work for everyone, but I hope it helps!

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  • pigglet999
    pigglet999 Member Posts: 1

    YEP its frustrating! Using a xbox one and Ive tried Claudette and Feng several times with the glow on, tried it at the end of the trial, and they both wont get the cosmetic when I escape UGH.

  • zombie_skillet
    zombie_skillet Member Posts: 4

    Same here I tried like 5 times and gave up because it was frustrating. I play on Xbox.

  • guzzie2027
    guzzie2027 Member Posts: 5

    I have done this with Claudette jake and feng on switch and did not get the crown for any of them.

  • Drzewiecki16
    Drzewiecki16 Member Posts: 1

    Same here I did it on PC with Jill and still didn't get anything.

  • maaadinsomniac
    maaadinsomniac Member Posts: 440

    You can't get crown on Jill because it's licensed character, not original.

  • Acelotl_The_Axolotl
    Acelotl_The_Axolotl Member Posts: 2
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    Yeah, I just played 2 Trapper and 2 Wraith rounds where I interacted with it and still didn't get it, I'm on PC

    Edit: I just didn't hold space long enough nvm

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  • Maghawk
    Maghawk Member Posts: 4

    Deathslinger and Legion both failing to get crowns for me 😔

  • Maghawk
    Maghawk Member Posts: 4

    again collected the crown with legion, no crown. Video taken this time: