blood web frequency of event items bugged?

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So I just spent over 1 million and about 35 blood webs later Ive gotten only 1 event flash light and 2 event med kits? I dont get it- why have and make event items that are so rare in the blood web? It feels like BHVR doesnt want me to have and use any of them? Even the cakes I get in the blood web are also not as abundant, 20 cakes out of 35 blood webs. nearly 50% of my blood webs had no event items at all? Am I the only one experiencing this? If not, can the frequency rate be changed for survivors? This game is extremely grindy normally; this event with how the blood webs are for me exacerbate the grind. Last year Halloween event item were fine in the blood web, as were the cakes in 3rd year event. So why is this a thing now?

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  • RainbowPatooie
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    Yeah the only times I've found an event medkit was once in the bloodweb anf another time a player left one. Haven't seen any of the flashlights.

  • gamer2019
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    i have the same problem .... i am from taiwan player

  • widescreen
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    Another 1.2 million 1 event flash light and 1 event med kit. More than 50% of my blood webs lack any event items and mystery boxes. Hopefully when the cake offerings get "fixed", the blood webs can be addressed as well?

  • PrettyFaceKate
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    Same here. P3 lvl 50 bloodweb, more than one million and got 3 medkits, that's it. I'm a killer main, but I'll try later plundering to see if I have better luck with chests.

  • LadyRahl
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    I'm so glad I'm not the only one. I probably spent 2M bloodpoints so far and only found one of each in all the webs I went through. I've found more in matches than I have in the blood webs. A lot of cakes... that aren't working correctly though. Sigh.... I saved up all my BP to get all the event items and they are NOWHERE to be found in the webs.

  • marino1509
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    Same thing here. I just spent 1M2 bloodpoints and only i got cakes so far. no flashlights no medkits. I'm P3 lvl 50

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    Blood Point cap max of 1 million should be turn off and uncapped for this event. Its utterly painful to see only 1 cake or NONE in my killer webs (Edit: going through more blood webs for killer, Ive actually got no cakes- a web completely void of anything suggesting there is an event!) and forced to spend points because of the million capped. All brown items should be turn off for the event and replaced with event items(its the same cost) or mystery boxes in our blood webs- come on guys, this is your Anniversary Event and its a ho-hum with dry blood webs and the lack of bonus points during matches!

    Who remembers the 2018 Summer BBQ Event? Cool cocktail gens and grill hooks with decent bonus blood points in trials, which was pretty fun to participate in.

    Last year Xmas event was canceled or not scheduled, even though it was very much anticipated by most of the community. Everyone understood that you guys needed the 'break" for the Holidays, so all's well.

    Please Fix the amount event items in our blood webs- this is a one time thing, for a short amount of time and I think most if not all of us that play this game regularly would like to have fun with these items that you took the time and effort to make. Once the event is over, so are acquiring the event items and if its rarely available so is the fun of using those things.


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    After 4.0.2 and still the webs are dry; so how is the post even "acknowledge"?

    1 million points on survivor and only 14 cakes, 5 flashlights and 7 med kits?

    1 million points on killer and only 22 cakes?! am I the only unlucky pleb to get such a low rate of event items? So many of my killer webs had no cakes! The rate that the event items are appearing in my blood webs differ greatly from previous events. idk, for me this is so sad and very disappointing. its somewhat annoying to spend 55-70k per web with no event item, then to cycle to the next web and either get only 1 event item or nothing again..

    Is anyone else still experiencing this after the hot-fix or are your blood webs noticeably better?