Killer Concept: Time traveler

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Killer: Time traveler

ability: Cursed pocket watch

The killer draws his power from his cursed pocket watch. The more time passes, the bigger his power becomes.

  • Time Freeze: For each power up the time is briefly stopped. Any survivor not being chased will be frozen for 2 seconds

  • Countdown: Time is fragile and manipulatable. An hour has instead of 60 minutes only 1 minute.

Example for the power up:

1 O 'clock (after 1 minute): The hour of weakness 1. Your weapon will become infectious over time. Your weapon adds a random status effect to the survivors for 30 seconds.
- Blindness, Exhausted, Hemorrhage, Mangled, Hindered

2 O 'clock: The hour of the clumsy. Decrease the skillcheck bar for the survivors by 20%.

3 O 'clock: The hour of the setback. Immediately reset the progress of each unfinished generator by 10%. Increase the generator regression by 10%.

4 O 'clock: The hour of weakness 2: Every status effect lasts for 60 seconds longer. Your weapon adds 2 random status effect.

5 O 'clock: The rotten hour: Time has rotten the wood. When a pallet is dropped and stuns the killer. It will be destroyed immediately.

6 O 'clock: The hour of silence: The survivors can´t hear the terror radius.

10 O 'clock: The hour of impatience: The Survivor is in peril and can be downed in one hit.

12 O 'clock: The hour of death: You are able to kill every survivor by your own hands.

Example for Add-ons:

Increase the time of "time freeze":

  • common addon: 1 second
  • uncommon addon: 1.5 seconds
  • rare addon: 2 seconds
  • very rare addon: 2.5 second

Decrease the time for the power up:

  • common addon: 15 seconds
  • uncommon addon: 20 seconds
  • rare addon: 30 seconds
  • very rare addon: 60 seconds

hours exchange:

  • uncommon addon: change "The hour of rotten" with "The hour of the clumsy"
  • rare: change "the hour of silence" with "the hour of clumsy".
  • very rare: change "The hour of impatience" with "the rotten hour"
  • ultra rare: change "The hour of death" with "The hour of silence"


Entity´s roulette: Your own strength surpasses your own understanding. Each time you hit a survivor, it gets a random status effect.
It lasts for 30/45/60 seconds.
"Luck is a skill"

Ill gazelle: Every time a survivor receives a status effect, reduce his bleedout timer in the dying state by 1%/1.5%/2%.
"Sorrowful people are as beautiful as a withering flower"

research results: Each time a survivor gets a status effect, put a token on this perk. It grants you one addon after the match
5 tokens: you get 1 common addon
10 tokens: you get 1 uncommon addon
15 tokens: you get 1 rare addon
20 tokens: you get 1 very rare addon
25 tokens: you get 1 ultra rare addon
"Preparation is everything"

Story: "William Smith is a researcher of the 19th century. He studied physics at King's College in London. His whole life he has dealt with the space and time. He always wondered if it was possible for humans to influence time. After many frustrated years, he came to no result and a small black smoke penetrated his heart.
His personality began to change and his vision became blacker and darker. From time to time he sometimes hears a soft whisper from his pocket watch which he received as a child from his father. Slowly but surely he falls into madness. He sees things that are not real.
In his dreams he sees events from time long past and events that can not be found in any book. One day, in his old age, William went to his mailbox and picked up the mail.
Everywhere he looks, he sees dark smoke and black tentacles which is now a normal sight for him. He sits down at his fireplace and opens a dark letter. A dark mist streamed from the letter and spattered his monocle. The letter contained symbols he had never seen before.
On the letter was a blank space instead of a signature. William thinks it could be a contract.
He ran his fingers over the empty space and accidentally cut on the paper. The empty spot was smeared with blood and the contract was completed.
His whole house began to quake. And the whole property was shrouded in dark fog and disappeared. The only thing left was a deep hole."

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    Uuuh, I really really like the general Idea.
    Although i think the clock is ticking a tad too fast.
    Also it would be a super creepy feeling, if everytime an 'hour' passes, the sound of an old clocktower echoes across the map :chuffed:

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    Very cool and unique idea.