Incorrect killer loadout on match display screen.

Played a match as survivor on badham preschool, facing a deathslinger on PC.

End results screen showed that the killers loadout was a clowns with no perks. Event cake a hindered add on and something else. (Yellow I think probably not important)

Talked with the killer and they said that its a common bug but I couldn't see it reported anywhere.

They said it can be done by quickly swapping the killer in the lobby or something.

I would have taken a screenshot but I felt it would be pointless other than to prove what I am saying. Only happened in one game today.

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  • TrialByFire476
    TrialByFire476 Member Posts: 100

    Ran into this bug, too. It was also a Deathslinger except the endgame screen said it was a Freddy with pill bottle and an ultra add-on. I knew he had 3 hex perks because I cleansed one and Thrill of the Hunt popped up and while cleansing Thrill, another totem was destroyed.

  • PaisleyPark
    PaisleyPark Member Posts: 12

    Encountered it on a Myers that got his Tier III suuuuuuuper quick while having it last forever.

    Side-note: People complain about NOED, but there's an actual item for Myers that makes it last forever? What were the devs thinking?

  • Bluedragontail
    Bluedragontail Member Posts: 5

    Just encountered the bug again and it seems to mess with the addons as well.

    Played against a deathslinger on gas heaven. Match results showed a plague.

    However the addons showed were deathslinger's but with the plague's name on them.

  • sleepy_knight
    sleepy_knight Member Posts: 112

    Similar thing happened to me just on PS4. Played against a Pyramid Head but endgame turned him into Oni with two yellow Oni add-ons and all the perks were missing (but this happens almost every match recently and it's probably a separate bug).