Rancor doesnt work correctly!

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The above video is a small 31 second clip of the match: from right before I found Quentin; then downed him; then could not mori using rancor, attempted several times; then I hooked him. (I just fixed the clip to show Quentin being alive, then my downing him.)

above screen shot is from right after downing survivor.

The above screen shot was several seconds after downing survivor with many attempts to mori/rancor with M1 which were failed swings instead.

The above ss is my perks 1 fraction of a second prior to match start.

The above ss is everyone's perks in end game lobby. (Mine are not shown due to another bug.)

The above ss is everyone's character for you to associate to their perks. Devs will have to link perks to actors if that matters in locating this dreaded rancor bug.


Please fix RANCOR! Its been getting more and more buggy! It used to take A FEW SECONDS to show "KILL". Now it doesnt allow it at all?!


The video time stamp for this match was around: 2020-07-05 17-52-24

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  • Toybasher
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    I noticed everyone else is dead and the endgame collapse was going on. Did you close the hatch before 5 gens were completed?

    Rancor does technically say all generators have to be completed and not just the exit gates being powered (compare NOED, Adrenaline, etc.).

    I do think it should be buffed proc when hatch is shut (Only the exposed + mori, no survivor reveal) since it'd made the synergy with Dying Light, Play With Your Food and Save The Best For Last absolutely hilarious (ignore obsession all game, insta-mori at the end) but it seems like it's working as designed to me.

  • Bigyo369
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    If you closed the hatch, then you can't mori with Rancor, what is imo lame.

  • GoshJosh
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    No, the issue is not closing the hatch, but if all five generators were completed or not - per the perk description. You can still close the hatch if all five generators were done, and use Rancor to mori the last survivor.

  • Kamikazi
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    I reviewed the original video.

    They had finished all BUT one of the generators. It was a very close game.

    I had closed the hatch after 4 generators were completed.

    I suppose I should have uploaded the entire match to show everything. But often people dont want to watch the whole match just to see 15 seconds of the notable part of the gameplay. I'll start doing that more often.

    I think I was alarmed to this because for months it has taken several seconds for my mori to activate when the proper conditions had occurred after I had downed a survivor and was standing over the top of them in the dying state. And survivors had complained that I did not use the mori on them when I should have been able to.