Used unbreakable twice?

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Hello, so I just played a match with the following perks

Iron will, unbreakable, tenacity and lithe.

Towards the end of the match, killer downed me and left to look for last survivor. I used my unbreakable to get up and finish the last gen. Then we were both on different exit gates killer came towards mine And chased/downed me and left for the other gate for the survivor. I started crawling and healing towards the other gate and was hoping she would pick me up but to my surprise I healed back up and ended up escaping through hatch.

post game chat was basically accusing of cheating but I explained what happened so I’m here posting this because I am still confused and if it’s a bug that hasn’t been seen a lot it may be worth taking a look.

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    I'll add to this. Had a match as killer where one guy was able to use unbreakable twice, both with 2 gens remaining. His perks were; unbreakable, DS, Dead Hard, Adrenaline