If we nerf everything to satisfy rank 20 survivors, shouldn't we do the same for rank 20 killers?


This seems bias from the developers pespective

The bubba change is incredible, while the bubba change is horrible

You are changing bubba soo he isn't that strong , even though some months ago you claimed he was in a good spot, just to make rnake rank 20 survivors life easier

But what about rank 20 killers? They are still more punished then the survivors ever will due to matchmaking and all the 2nd chance perks survivors have

DS,adrenaline are some examples of perks that clearly need changes, and I am getting tired of seeing all this changes only affecting killers

But what is the point of complaining? Lately the ptb feedback is unheard, and survivor mains are already praising this nerfs and hoping for the next killer to be nerfed, soo why should killer players keep playing their roles when survivors doesn't get touched and is easier?