Well it's my time to leave this community, it's been some fun 4 years <3


Hey all, today I leave the dead by daylight community and wanted to make a text regarding everything

I've started playing DBD during the beta and haven't stopped since, got 1784 hours! Been making videos and memes throughout this 4 years but today it has come to an end

I want to thank most devs and part of the community for this 4 years but everything good must come to an end, I feel like the game has reached it's peak for me, where I am not having fun anymore, and the community has become too toxic for my mental health,putting me on a depressed state after each game after constant death threats and insults.

DBD helped me make some friends and feel I was part of a community which I thank you all for, but It's time for me to go and with the current direction the game is taking this feels the apropriate time to leave

soo I wanna thank all the devs and every good member of the community <3

it was a good run