Chapter suggestion~Game of Death! New Killer/Survivor/Perks/Map/Mori ❤️

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Killer and Survivor Ideas based on the tv show "Game of Thrones" <—-
they serve only as a template...

As new outfits for survivors/killer you could add capes and coats clothes into the game matching for the icy map ;)
Sorry for the very long description... :) 

Killer-The white walker 

He has icy blue eyes, his skin is cold and gray. He is wearing old leather armor and his weapon is the spear.The tip of the spear is a piece of sharp ice with blood...

Main skill of the killer is ice hands 

The killer can use 5 „traps“ in the game. The traps can be placed on windows pallets and doors.
In the form of icicles, <—-similar like the block at the window when crossing several times...
they block the way for the survivors.
A survivor can destroy these ice traps but he needs (20-30 sec?)for it and the killer gets a clue when a trap is destroyed. A blocked window/door or pallet can not be used by the survivor. Is the trap destroyed by survivors, the killer can set another on.

1. Perk~"Track down" as a hex totem ~is visible for survivors as a hex totem after 2 successful repairing Generators. 

The killer must find crows in the environment and can use this perk depending on the level all 20/30/40 seconds in the game. He use the crows to find survivors and to mark them. Is a survivor marked he gets visible on the map for few seconds in the way of auras. This perk can be used by the killer immediately, only the survivors see the totem as a Hex Totem after 2 successful repairing gens, before this it looks like a normal totem for the survivors!

Tier 1: 
2 crow flying in a radius of 20 meters and marks 2 survivors for 3 seconds all 20sec.

Tier 2:
3 crows flying in a radius of 30 meter and track down 3 survivors for 6 seconds
all 30sec

Tier 3:
4 crows flying in radius of 40 meter and track down 4 survivors for 9 sec, One of these 4 survivors get injured. All marked survivors get visible for the killer on the map, all 40sec

Crow attacks randomly, is a survivor already injured and is attacked by a crow (only Perk lvl 3) the crow can put him in the death status.

The survivors can hide in lockers or use the improved perk *calm spirit* 
The Perk *calm spirit* could be adapted on the Perk *Track down* so crows can not always track and identify survivors. Another option is that the devs, use some special crow noise or somethink like that, so that the survivor knows he´s bein searched and he get the chance to hide!

2. Perk~"Frozen" (hex totem?) 

This perk activates when one survivor rescues another survivor from the hook.
The savior get a curse „My victim“ During these curse, the affected person can not heal other mates or repair any generators for a certain time. Depending on the perk level the cursed is restricted for a certain time.(30/40/50sec)

Tier 1: The curse is active for 30 seconds after the rescue operation

Tier 2: The curse is activ for 40 seconds after the rescue operation

Tier 3: The curse is activ for 50 seconds after the rescue operation

I am not sure if this suggestion already exists, but i like the idea...

3. Perk~"Protector" 

The killer can pick up every totem once in a game and can place them in a certain radius from his position~depending on the perk level.
If the killer wears his totem, he is a little bit slower until he placed his totem back to ground.

Tier 1: One totem all 60 secounds in a radius of 15 meters

Tier 2: One totem all 50 secounds in a radius of 20 meters

Tier 3: Two totems all 40 secounds in a radius of 30 meters

Totems can not be placed...
* in unreachable places
* under pallets
* in the basement
* not next to a suspended survivor
* not next to each other

Other Perk idea...

4.Perk~“Goodbye freedom“ 

The Killer can close both exit gates either only one gate closes or both simultaneously when one is closed. (Your choice...)
Survivors who try to open a gate while the killer closes the other get a penalty bonus, which resets the current opening state.

While closing, a siren sounds warning the nearby survivors

Tier 1: The gate closes within 15-20sec

Tier 2: The gate closes within 15-10sec

Tier 3: The gate closes within 10-5sec

The reopening of the gates is possible and requires the same time as always.

New Survivor~Daenerys Targaryen

She wears brown or black leather clothes, or maby a black or white coat has white-blond hair that is elegantly tied to a braid.

1.Perk~"Disappeared" Version1 

If survivors could hide in a bush or under a car, this would be very helpful for this version of the perk

It allows the survivors to hide without leaving any traces. After each disappearance the survivor needs a break before he can use this perk again (50/40/30 seconds)

Tier 1: The survivor hides 25% faster and his footprints disappear in a radius of 5 meters
Exhaustion 50sec

Tier 2: The survivor hides 35% faster and his footprints disappear in a radius of 10 meters
Exhaustion 40sec

Tier 3: The survivor hides 50% faster and his footprints disappear in a radius of 15 meters
Exhaustion 30sec


If a survivor is hunted by the killer he can use this perk in uninjured and injured status, to disappear from the field of view of the killer.
Depending on the level of this perk the survivor will receive a short sprint bonus at his/her normal running speed for few sec. without leaving footprints or traces of blood. The survivor get also the possibility to hide „in slow mode speed“ faster into a locker. 

The perk can be triggered by a keyboard shortcut maby similar like dead heart???

Tier 1: 

The survivor get a 100% sprint bonus for 3 sec footprints/blood are not visible for 3 sec and your hidingspeed increased by 25% for 10 sec
Exhaustion: 60sec

Tier 2: 

The survivor get a 110% sprint bonus for 4 sec footprints/ blood are not visible for 4 sec and your hidingspeed increased by 35% for 15 sec
Exhaustion: 50sec

Tier 3: 

The survivor get a 120% sprint bonus for 5 sec footprint/blood are not visible for 5 sec and your hidingspeed increased by 50% for 20 sec
Exhaustion: 45sec

2. Perk~"Guardian Angel" 

The survivor can see other teammates when they are injured and cursed on the map for 10-15sec. in form of auras.
This perk allows you to remove all curses/status effects from your mates caused by the killer in the form of skill checks and give the cursed mate a short-term protection by being invulnerable for few secounds. 

Invulnerable means that he can not receive any damage from the killer during this time of protection. If the survivor receives a hit in protection mode, he immediately loses it.

Tier 1: Curses are interrupted with 4 successful skill checks and the cursed receives an invulnerability protection for 6 seconds

Tier 2: Curses are interrupted with 3 successful skill checks and the cursed receives an invulnerability protection for 7 seconds

Tier 3: Curses are interrupted with 2 successful skill checks and the cursed receives an invulnerability protection for 8 seconds

Maybe we can combine this perk with the normal healing animation of other survivors? If you have this perk you can remove all effects caused by the killer automatically and give him the same protection after complete healing.
The healing should be combined but take longer depending on the level of this perk. 

Tier 1:
Complete healing takes 4 sec longer

Tier 2:
Complete healing takes 3 sec longer

Tier 3: 
Complete healing takes 2 sec longer

3.Perk~"Sprenger of the chains" 

It allows the survivors in the first phase on the hook to free themselves if the killer remains close to him. (Facecamping) The survival is in the terror radius for 10-15 seconds (Maby more?) the option "Sprenger of the chains" becomes possible. Jumping from the hook is 100% successful and gives little protection to the survivor depending on the level of the perk.

Tier 1: The protection is for 5 seconds after the survivor free himself

Tier 2: The protection is for 6 seconds after the survivor free himself

Tier 3: The protection is for 7 seconds after the survivor free himself

If a survivor using this perk in the game and escape from the hook he will die immediately after being hook again .  


An icy snowy map with bushes and trees covered by snow.
In the middle of the map is an old castle with the cellar.
In the castle are large tables on which old food and wine jugs are placed decorative. On the walls hanging torches illuminate the room. Destroyed banners/coats of arms decorate the room (Maybe personal/individual symbols from the developer)
A fire still burns weakly in the fireplace. 
The killer's hooks are made entirely of ice the snow is falling from the black sky and crows have ice in their plumage
Lockers and chests are snowy.
Outside the castle, there is a small abandoned hut standing by a frozen lake.

Memento Mori Animation

The killer directs his spear at the survivor's chest and pierces it into his heart. The victim kneels in front of the killer and tries to push the spear away from him. The killer laughs and stings. The victim becomes ice. After the killer removes the spear, the victim disintegrates into a pile of ice
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    written on 17 March 2018 and viewable in the steam forum under suggestion...I Hope you guys like it please comment what you think about this perks are they fair or op? What should we change, what do you want to see in dbd? Vote for me ❤️
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    Thank you for your opinion I hope there are more players who find my suggestion good 😊
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    The traps can be placed on windows pallets and doors?

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    The traps are intended to limit the survivor and block paths out of windows, through pallets or between doors. Similar to the animation at the window block they appear when a survivor gets too close. And the survivor can destroy them...
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    They just block ways a survivor uses to flee from the killer ... if they are placed correctly in the game :) I hope you understand what I mean by that ... other ideas or opinions would be helpful to maybe improve it