Archive collections are now all locked

Alleluja Member Posts: 14

Like in title. Had everything unlocked in each tome. Now i have nothing (challenge progres is still intact)

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  • Hernancillo
    Hernancillo Member Posts: 1

    Same problem here, I found out when I was about to complete a challenge on tome III

  • Pr0p3r9
    Pr0p3r9 Member Posts: 111

    Same here. Really frustrating because I wanted to cite the Archives for a lore thread, but now I have to work off of memory instead. I hope it's fixed by tomorrow when the next Archive is released.

  • HPhoenix
    HPhoenix Member Posts: 515

    I got all my challanges done and I can agree. There is a bug where I no longer view the tome story.

  • Shadowvampire
    Shadowvampire Member Posts: 1

    Same here

  • TreSen
    TreSen Member Posts: 186

    Just went to listen to some of the logs before the new Tome comes out tomorrow and I am having this same bug, too. All my tomes are fully completed but all my logs and videos are locked.

  • Raven014
    Raven014 Member Posts: 4,188

    Same issue on Xbox as well.

  • Raven014
    Raven014 Member Posts: 4,188

    The DBD wiki has all of the lore logs if you need them.

  • nergigandhi
    nergigandhi Member Posts: 1

    Yup, me too, just found out.

  • DerZuntor
    DerZuntor Member Posts: 289

    I have the same problem on PC just completed a master challenge and noticed all my logs are gone.

  • madamretto
    madamretto Member Posts: 364

    Same for me, yet another surprise after the update.

  • TreSen
    TreSen Member Posts: 186

    Why isn't this getting any attention? They're still all locked for me. :(