So, if we can't use ranks to question MMR system, what about hours played?

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Here's a summary of my experience on everybody's favorite hot topic of the day. Needless to say, after experiencing the new matchmaking first-hand, I am highly skeptical and the rank system was working better in my case. It's from the killer side. I've only played one survivor match and let's not even go there.

Here's a quick run-down. I've been playing nothing but Myers today. First time since the update to matchmaking. I know it was more than 11 matches, because I used up my 11 puddings plus whatever after that. Aside from the very first game where I got a 3-man escape on Cowshed where everybody was on death hook, I've got nothing but 4ks and a 3k on Ormond. The quality of the survivors went gradually down as did their logged hours.

There's a thread where they say posting screenshots with ranks is meaningless. Well, I collected screenshots showing hours played. In the second-to-last match one player had 15 hours and another had 9. In the next to last there was a 121h and a 19h and the other two players must've not been far off. They were all literally running in a straight line and bumping into walls. It was hard to watch. In the last game I had a 155h, a 90h and a rank 20 Meg with only one perk SB tier 1. As I said, I screenshot their steam profiles for reference.

I've been going as hard as possible giving up no ground hoping to improve matchmaking, but the trend was a steady decline in skills of my opponents. Matches became easier, despite coming off excellent performances. Queues were decent, about 5 mins. So, I suppose that wasn't a factor. I also almost always pipped and never depipped, which I know is irrelevant for matchmaking, but I think it's indicative of the games being active and offering a chance for collecting whatever skill stats they're collecting.

I have 1500h in DBD and I played killer at rank 1 for months. There's no excuse whatsoever for me being matched against this kind of survivors, especially if this matchmaking happens after supposedly the necessary number of trials for the MMR and when almost all those games where a slaughter.

That's my 2 cents.


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    My experience was similar.

    I also watched streamers doing this same research and both had close to or over 10000 hours.

    They had people in their game with 42 hours.

    I was the only red rank in almost every one of my matches last night and I had Huntresses who didnt hit me with a hatchet all match, and IM not that good LOL

    I had a hag as killer who didnt set a single trap... like wwhat? they are rank 19 with 87 hours and Im red rank with almost 2k hours, they had no chance, I even let one kill me out of sympathy

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    I'm pretty sure the devs neglected to add an exception to the algorithm for newbies, to limit their "exposure" to experienced players for a while. I made a suggestion thread on the subject.

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    The only way hours could or should be used is if it uses hours played AS KILLER for killer matches and hours played AS SURVIVOR for survivor matches. Otherwise, you could have someone who has barely played one or the other getting seriously screwed based on their hours. I doubt BHVR tracks that level of detail on the hours. If it does, it could work. If not, hell no.