Anyone else feel that since the last update, DbD is broken?


I've been playing this game since it was released and have dropped hundreds of dollars into it. Throughout the years I've been onboard with all the changes, nerfs and buffs with no problem but WHAT THE HELL?!?!! Anyone else feel like since the 4.1.0. Mid-chapter update, that this game has officially become broken? Auras are horrendous and not visible, matches with friends are screwed up with multiple errors causing crashes, menu screens you can't back out of, bugs in gameplay and then....they implement the new matchmaking system when we're all dealing with unfixed bullshit in the first place?!?!? Like what in the hell is going on?!?!? The game is basically unplayable right now and those of us that have sunk HUNDREDS of dollars into it, are literally getting screwed.