Auto Haven - Stuck near hill (PS4)


Me and a friend both got stuck on the outside corner of the raised hill near the Auto Haven garage. We couldn't move away from it until the killer downed us. We could spin around and crouch on the spot, but that's it.

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  • Legion_Beef
    Legion_Beef Member Posts: 3

    This was the spot where we were stuck.

  • Legion_Beef
    Legion_Beef Member Posts: 3

    This happened again at a different raised hill, so it's not exclusive to that one location. Not sure if it's just this map or if all maps are affected.

  • wig
    wig Member Posts: 18

    Same thing happened to me and another player on Autohaven near the garage but it was an isolated rock. Killer said he got stuck there earlier too.

  • aceprojectx
    aceprojectx Member Posts: 6
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    Happened to me and other players as well, I was playing through steam, unknown if they was on console or not but I do know they was not playing through steam.

    It is obvious this is not an issue only on one system however.

  • AliBreakIT
    AliBreakIT Member Posts: 13

    This happens on every hill in the game right now.

  • tomura
    tomura Member Posts: 6

    Experienced this too in Campbell's Chapel on PC, got stuck next to a hill and couldn't get out, only vibrated. Three other players were crossplay and one of the crossplay players went to where I was and got stuck too.

    I did not get crows over my head, though. I'm not sure if it had to do with me continuing to try crouching/running. I couldn't get out through crouching, running, or healing (although i still performed the crouching and healing animations) and I couldn't pick up the other player's toolbox after they disconnected.

    I have other screenshots if needed.

  • Beleaguer
    Beleaguer Member Posts: 1

    It has happened to me on different maps, but the hill always looks the same and always in that same spot.

  • kilzack99
    kilzack99 Member Posts: 1
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    edit: gif doesn't work , it this happens to all hills and also can happen to killers.

  • Pieotter
    Pieotter Member Posts: 4

    I personally haven't seen it happen to a killer (yet), but def to survivors, me included. TWO people can get stuck at once. Success rate has been 100% if you are walking/crouching near that area. Specifically seems to be at the rock on the right side of the path leading up the hill.

  • sharkster13
    sharkster13 Member Posts: 235
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    I played with the Hag yesterday. Two survivors got stuck on that hill, knocked them both down, went to pick one of them and the hill sucked me in. So basically 2 survivors and 1 killer stuck on the hill. I managed to somehow wiggle out while carrying the survivor. But the answer is yes, you can get stuck on the hill with the Killer. I've also noticed you can rotate and crouch down as a survivor, but you can't point when stuck. The only way to get out is if the Killer knocks you down, picks you up and doesn't end up getting stuck himself. Most of the Killers abuse this so please fix this bug ASAP. The game is basically unplayable at that point, especially when a lit totem spawns there and you can't reach it at all (NOED is very problematic). I'm surprised this hasn't been patched for over 2 weeks now (my guess is all hands on deck are on the new chapter). Played on PC tho, not PS4.

  • R6xLuck
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    Same exact issue,with me..Its happened more an more often, 2 times today.. its allmost all hills,any map crouching or walking! PLZ fix this

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  • MeltingPenguins
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    The issue seems to be this (going by observation).

    ALL these spots are potential spawnpoints for gens and chests. Taking a wild guess I'd say what happens is this:

    The map loads and the gens and chests are generated. but for some reason the game assigns more spots than there are gens/chest available, causing it handle a survivor jumping/walking into the spot to get 'stuck' in the invisible asset.

  • PsychoKnight
    PsychoKnight Member Posts: 13

    This is definitely still an ongoing bug. I am much looking forward to a fix, and soon

  • adrilex96
    adrilex96 Member Posts: 6

    Me too today, i Wanted to reported but I Saw already exists one for all the platforms

    This bug occurs me like 5 times this week too today, i Wanted to reported but I Saw already exists one