Visual/HUD/UI Bug (Hardmode Enabled?)

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Platform: PlayStation

Description of Issue: Loaded into a match, upon loading in I didn't notice I had no HUD. In other words, I couldn't see survivors/names, number of gens, who was downed/hooked, my perks, or my items. I noticed it only after getting on a generator and promptly after, getting an invisible skillcheck.

Steps to Reproduce: (I'll go from start to finish) Loaded into a lobby, green-yellow ping intermittently. Everyone readied up, the time ticked down 0 and we were waiting on offerings. The load time was slow. So slow, I assumed there was a disconnect. Once I loaded in, I clicked options (pulls up the menu) and exited out. Once I was able to move, I could see the cannibal, got on a gen and watched him, that was when the first skillcheck prompted. Throughout the match there was lag spikes. I presume the bug is either tied to the following; cross play lag, regular lag, pressing the menu button whilst loading in, or the game hiccuped during the long load time before the actual game.

How often does it occur: Losing the HUD was a first for me, but last year, I had issues with invisible skillchecks with some doctor games. Dunno if the two could be connected or not since this match was with a cannibal.

Note: I could see the following; survivors, killer, hooks, gens, downed player auras, hooked player auras, and my perks still activated upon use in the game. (My loadout: QnQ, Head-on, Ds, and Adren) The cannibal did win in the end if this is needed info.

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