PC - Console Player DCs but Remains on Hook

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Had this happen just now, playing on PC through steam. I was playing as a wraith vs 4 survivors whom I believe were console players (they had the globe and didn't talk in endgame chat). I hooked one of them for the third time, but instead of being sacrificed she got stuck on the hook for the rest of the match.

Immediately after this, I experienced glitches that I usually get after a DC - trying to use M2 starts the action for a split second and then stops, movement errors, unable to kick generators. These glitches stopped after I hooked the next player, and I thought things would go back to normal, but after sacrificing two more survivors I realized the hatch hadn't opened.

The match wasn't going to end unless I could find and hook the blendette, or she finished the last gen and open the exit gates to start EGC. The latter is what ended up happening eventually, and I had to wait around until the EGC ended, at which point the 'Quitter's Bonus' message appeared on my HUD.


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