ISSUE WITH MAPS: Getting stuck into ALL hills


I apologize if this has been reported already, but I am frustrated at this point so I just signed up, opened a report and vented.


Step 1 : Boot the game

Step 2 : Play survivor OR killer (does not matter)

Step 3 : In-game, walk near the front right corner of the ramp up to hill

Step 4 : Notice that you cannot move except for spinning around in circles and crouching.

Step 5 : Let killer down you out of the glitch OR have killer do a launch (usually M2 ability or dashing with M1) out of the glitch.


  • Nea Karlsson.
  • Adrenaline, Lithe, Kindred, Urban Evasion.
  • Any map with hills (it has happened on MULTIPLE maps so long as there is a hill).
  • Anytime you do exactly as stated in the description and with any character.
  • Survivors can only hope killer will help them out since the only way to escape is to be hit out of the glitch. Killers can use things such as Ambush for The Pig to get out of the glitch.


Attempted to follow how to get logs but figured 1 they have nothing to do with it and 2 I couldn't find them to begin with.

Unless someone is completely paying attention around every hill to avoid the glitch, it is bound to happen to anyone. It has happened to me 3 times and a killer was chasing 1 of the times and was also trapped in it (as The Executioner but he used his M2 to get out whereas he had to down me to get me out). In the video, I asked my friend to try and get in the glitch with me and it was a success. As The Pig he was also stuck and had to use Ambush to get himself out whereas I had to get hit AGAIN to be out. Sometimes being downed will not do it either as seen in the other video where I was still stuck in the glitch while down and he struggled to pick me up. Killers so far have only used it to their advantage to get a hook rather than help a survivor out by letting them go so it is completely frustrating for any survivor caught in that situation that they lose a hook due to a bug that should not exist.

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