Getting stuck on the corner of the hill

I play the game on ps4 right and i been play the game for a while and since the past few games.

I been running or walking around that hill or any hill in any map and i always get stuck on that one corner

And the same thing happen to my friend

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  • Chillwave
    Chillwave Member Posts: 1

    This happened a few times for me today on PS4. Last time it happened I got stuck on the corner of a hill in Crotus right after finishing the last gen. I was the only member of my team that didn’t make it out because of it. Hope they address this soon.

  • Shiroyasa
    Shiroyasa Member Posts: 1

    I had the same problem in my last game in the gas heaven map and a friend of mine had the same problem in the suffocation pit at Macmillan state, both of us in PC.

  • MinusTheBillie
    MinusTheBillie Member Posts: 349

    I just got stuck twice in one game.... Along with one other. This is painful. Please help me get back to creeping in the fog!

  • entitysbreakfast
    entitysbreakfast Member Posts: 126

    Yeah this has happened to me twice in two different games in the past hour. One on Ironworks the other on Gas Heaven. It's the Hill's definitely. I would get unstuck if the killer hit me and picked me up. I'm also on PS4.

    Were you the Meg? I was a Steve and we were up against a beach shorts Hillbilly.

  • Paytertot
    Paytertot Member Posts: 3

    Can confirm. My friend and I were able to reproduce this several times. I actually just made my own thread about this. I've got a couple of GIFs of it happening.

  • amiles4673
    amiles4673 Member Posts: 2

    Happened to me twice, at both the Coal Tower and Gas Heaven. I play on the Switch

  • Nightmaress16
    Nightmaress16 Member Posts: 3

    Well my friend just got stuck on the floor

    After me unhooking them

    I swear they need to fix this game

  • kamisen
    kamisen Member Posts: 794

    I managed to dead hard out of there.

  • Owlzey
    Owlzey Member Posts: 442

    Can they fix this already? Happened to me at 1 gen left with 1 person hooked and the other getting chased so we lost the game because of it. Frustrating as heck.

  • bb8
    bb8 Member Posts: 2

    Same just came here to post about it too

  • bb8
    bb8 Member Posts: 2

    i got stuck on PC game where there 5 gen up as well but sprint bursted out after wiggling on it for 3 min

  • goblino
    goblino Member Posts: 1

    As a killer I got stuck too with a survivor, really a shame

  • MrReeceNC
    MrReeceNC Member Posts: 4

    Same, and it's happened to me in several games. Doesn't seem to discriminate in terms of maps, but always happens at the corner of a rock with a hill in the middle.

  • MouseOnAPlatter
    MouseOnAPlatter Member Posts: 6

    Have had the same problem, with Claud and David. Does not seem to discriminate in terms of maps or survivors. Once I got stuck there with another survivor! Please fix asap!

  • PayneintheKass
    PayneintheKass Member Posts: 1

    I had it happen as well and I have video evidence of it. I could send the file on twitter but idk if I can upload it here. It caused me to get hooked. So frustrating haha.

  • Feet_Blossom
    Feet_Blossom Member Posts: 1

    can confirm multiple instances, more than 1 person can get stuck on the hill as well, any map as long as it's that specific spot on the hill, occasionally can get a killer stuck as well. It also holds the game as well after the exit timer runs out

  • coley_219
    coley_219 Member Posts: 324
  • RSigrist
    RSigrist Member Posts: 2
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    I just had the same bug, i'm leaving evidence so the support team can do something.

  • Vampiress
    Vampiress Member Posts: 8

    Same here 5 games I get stuck.

  • Ghstbstr04
    Ghstbstr04 Member Posts: 1


  • pejii
    pejii Member Posts: 79

    as a killer I have pulled a ton of survivors out of that hole and looking at it, seems to me that this is exactly the spot that a hook is supposed/can spawn. if the hook doesn't spawn instead that invisible hole will be there in its place.

  • thequeenofqueens
    thequeenofqueens Member Posts: 11

    Same problems for Xbox One as well. So aggravating!

  • andrufb
    andrufb Member Posts: 4

    I just de-ranked because this black hole had us BOTH trapped for 90% of the match

  • Vombate
    Vombate Member Posts: 37

    Same here on PC. It happened to me, playing as a killer, and also with a random player I witnessed, playing as a survivor.

    The only way I could escape (I was playing Demogorgon) was creating a portal and traveling.

  • HitGirl
    HitGirl Member Posts: 2

    This is becoming gamebreaking and personal. I am not only tired of being killed, I am also sick of getting all the hate from teammates I cannot unhook because I am stuck a few inches beside them. I really regret buying the rift pass because the days pass and this bug has been around for two weeks now. I really hope that this gets the most urgent attention.

  • michella1393
    michella1393 Member Posts: 7

    I got stuck on a rock AGAIN and after the current game crashed and I was pushed back to lobby. Then I was locked from playing for 3 minutes even thought I didn’t quit early! That’s so annoying!

  • superulla
    superulla Member Posts: 1

    This keeps happening over and over to my friend and I. On PS4. No chance to escape. Ruins the gamr every time. Please fix this asap! <3

  • Micolinas
    Micolinas Member Posts: 1



  • Zephy
    Zephy Member Posts: 6
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    There's certain big rocks that survivors get stuck next to in Macmillan, I'm on xbox and have gotten stuck and seen survivors get stuck multiple times and the only way to get out is to be downed.

  • NekoGamerX
    NekoGamerX Member Posts: 4,955

    survivor baited me to lung at her got me stuck now I wont help survivor that get stuck so it better get fixed soon.

  • NekoGamerX
    NekoGamerX Member Posts: 4,955

    not true hook spawn there with this invisibe hole I was hooked there and someone try save me and got stuck I watch as they got down then hooked.

  • xTudor
    xTudor Member Posts: 30

    well that sucks

  • HatchIsMyMercy
    HatchIsMyMercy Member Posts: 211

    Yeah, I'm on xbox and this happened. It seems that it doesn't happen on hills in swamp though, or if there is a hook there, did I mention that if you wiggle your way into a certain spot you are immune to the EGC? Yeah either the killer has to dc, or the survivor has to dc to end the match.

  • HatchIsMyMercy
    HatchIsMyMercy Member Posts: 211

    I tried on swamp, I'm pretty sure it doesn't happen on swamp

  • Gagneto
    Gagneto Member Posts: 6

    hehe, got stuck today, this dude tried to help me, got stuck there with me, killer was a baby and couldn't find us

    rip KEKW

  • shadowwings8810
    shadowwings8810 Member Posts: 28
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    I became a victim to it yesterday 😭 while in chase, it just sucked me in. I've seen multiple people get stuck to it in the same manner. As both killer and survivor. The killer can chose to help but it's not guaranteed.

  • bunbun666
    bunbun666 Member Posts: 3

    can confirm that this is STILL HAPPENING. The 2nd time I got stuck was because I was trying to help someone get unstuck.. don’t try it. Killer took advantage of the situation and baited others.

  • Zoophage
    Zoophage Member Posts: 122

    This ######### this is so frustrating. I literally avoid the hill entirely now; it's just too risky to play around it.

    Yes, as a Survivor, I have been able to get myself out of the black hole a few times, but usually this just throws the game. And if I'm playing Killer it's 100% game over and I have to watch the Survivors dance around me and try to blind me.


    In the meantime, make sure you have DH and try to wiggle and run towards the slope of the hill. At least it's a shot of getting out, I guess...

  • andrufb
    andrufb Member Posts: 4

    I've gotten stuck on the corner of this exact tile like 10 times since I posted my last screenshot. I've also made the killer get stuck in there while picking me up two times, both times they were able to escape by lunging at a precise angle away from the cliff

    Just make that hook spawn every match or add an extra polygon to that tile! What is taking so long?!

  • Mekochi
    Mekochi Member Posts: 942

    Was on Autohaven Wreckers, against a Freddy. Claudette got stuck on NOTHING at the bottom of the hill but couldn't move. This was her first time getting stuck. Killer exploited the glitch not helping her get out and got his 4k because we were down one teammate.

  • weemld
    weemld Member Posts: 1

    Happened to me as a survivor on Xbox twice now, once at the circus map and one at macmillan estate, cost me the game twice.

  • Rubarb1987
    Rubarb1987 Member Posts: 6

    OMG, I'm so glad that this bug was acknowledged by the mods/devs. This has happened to both me and my wife on PS4. We're both newer to the game and discovered this death hole on a couple of different occasions. I recorded the clips on my console, but other's on here pretty much summed it up.

  • snattie
    snattie Member Posts: 2

    Happened to me playing as survivor 3 times on Steam. This is my rock. If killer manages to find you he can hit you, grab you and hook you. If not, the game never ends, even when the time is up.

  • I just want to add to this thread because it got WORSE in my last game.

    A Claudette got stuck in the hill, and because she was the last one, hatch was opened.

    The pyramid head closed hatch but was unable to find her, so i just watched the timer go down.

    But then she didn't die.

    The end game collapse timer just disappeared and nothing happened.

    The Claudette kept trying to get out of the hole in the hill until the PH disconnected.

    (another odd part about this match is that it marked two people as escaped, even though three people had died.)

  • Candieskulls
    Candieskulls Member Posts: 4

    Are the devs aware of this at all? I haven't had it happen yet but a friend I play with has had it happen multiple times and it's becoming very frustrating. When I look up threads about it I still see posts from 2018 where people had the same issue.

  • Spectre13
    Spectre13 Member Posts: 179

    It's because of this bug I avoid hills like the plague. I will never do a Gen, make a save or even open a chest at one. It's too easy to get stuck in that area and some killers know this and push you towards it to make you get stuck. An easy down for them. Sometimes they get stuck too and it's funny but the risk/reward is too good to pass up at times.