Generator grabs sometimes doesn't work as they should.

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It happened to me twice in around 10h of gameplay. When i was grabbing survivor off the generator animation of grabbing was cancelled and it repeated itself 2-4 times (even tho i was holding LMB; it wasn't lunge since i successfully grabbed survivor) but in the end i did not pick someone, and they run away from me.

Once it happened when i was playing as Clown, other time as Huntress. I think survivors were either finishing generator, or survivor i was trying to pick failed skillcheck and made gen explode. Maybe it has something to do with overlapping animations, when survivor fails skillcheck it is not glued to generator and trying to grab him makes such weird things...

I'm not sure if this matter, but one map was autoheaven (azarov resting place) and the other was red forest (mother's dwelling).

I don't have any video for it, but i'll try to record it next time it happens and i'll post link here for google drive or youtube so you have more clear idea what i am trying to say.

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